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Week - 211

Judge Me Not by My Avatar!
by azellica
Description: I’ll admit that an Illusen avie does not give the impression of a super faithful evil follower of Sloth, but, as I’m trying to say, we shouldn’t be using avatars to judge people!

Week - 228

The Kreludan Conspiracy: Part One
by azellica
Description: BLEEP! BLEEP! BLEEP! My Virtupets microtronic watch went off; reminding me of the 'appointment' I had with the Boss. A new wave of fear engulfed me...

Week - 229

The Kreludan Conspiracy: Part Two
by azellica
Description: "You have all been supplied with the most advanced Virtupets equipment. We will leave the Space Station in a few hours and arrive on Kreludor tonight..."

Week - 230

The Kreludan Conspiracy: Part Three
by azellica
Description: I pulled myself to my feet and examined my prison. The only door was a thick slab of metal that was bolted from the outside...

Week - 231

The Kreludan Conspiracy: Part Four
by azellica
Description: "It sounds as if someone used a memory ray on you. Those are incredibly expensive though. I thought the only one in existence was at the space station..."

Week - 232

The Kreludan Conspiracy: Part Five
by azellica
Description: I coughed gruffly. "It's nice that you two are friends," I said grumpily. "But I don't think I need to remind you that we are about to blow up."

Week - 233

Lord of the Sludge
by azellica
Description: *bored*

Week - 239

Cybunny Attack
by azellica
Description: Who would have guessed?

Week - 240

Visiting Virtupets: Tourist Tips
by azellica
Description: There are one or two... problems... that we get from having too many tourists snooping around the premises.

Week - 243

The Argument of a Anti-Sloth
by azellica
Description: We all know that Dr. Sloth is the unquestionable ruler of the universe and will conquer Neopia sooner or later. So why then are there some who oppose him?

Also by jamesuk2

Week - 244

by azellica
Description: Hey! I see something...

Week - 250

When Random Events Combine...
by azellica
Description: Something has happened! Oh no!

Week - 257

Anti, Minion, or Neutral?
by azellica
Description: Ever since Doctor Sloth's spaceship first landed on Neopia hundreds of years ago, Neopians have been either following or fighting him. So what is the right path for you?

Week - 265

The Battle for Kreludor: Part One
by azellica
Description: The screen before Krule suddenly flickered to life and shed an eerie green glow of light over his face. The commander straightened up and watched as the face of Dr. Sloth came into focus...

Week - 266

The Battle for Kreludor: Part Two
by azellica
Description: Zara was crouched in front of the door to the conference room. She could hear the Grundo speaking to another member of the resistance inside...

Week - 267

The Battle for Kreludor: Part Three
by azellica
Description: "She's a captain, though; she probably has important information about Virtupets. Perhaps we could brainwash her..."

Week - 268

The Battle for Kreludor: Part Four
by azellica
Description: Commander Krule was engaged in earning high scores in computer games when someone knocked on the door of his office. He looked up in agitation...

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