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Week - 159

Neopias Secret War-How the Meepits are Taking Over
by jesse12_3
Description: There is something out there-or some things- that are plotting our destruction right now. They are more dangerous then Sloth, Kass, and Lord Darigan combined.

Week - 170

The Sacred Art of Food Fighting
by jesse12_3
Description: This is nothing more fun then starting a food fight right in the middle of lunch, especially on chilli day. BUT, do you know how to create a perfect food fight?

Week - 173

Shades of Darkness - Shadow is Arising: Part One
by jesse12_3
Description: The barrier is breaking, and there is no Guardian to protect it. The faeries are failing. Nothing can stop them.

Week - 174

Shades of Darkness: Shadow is Arising - Part Two
by jesse12_3
Description: Today was a bright and sunny Tuesday and Yoco was asked to meet the leader of the Shades, Borono_Lightshadow or something. He didn't care; this meeting was probably over his paycheck or something. How very wrong he was...

Week - 175

Shades of Darkness: Shadow is Arising - Part Three
by jesse12_3
Description: I immediately began to browse through shops, eager for this trip to be over as quickly as possible. After fifteen minutes of searching in vain, I found the paint brush. I shoved it into my bag after I paid for it, and then ran to find the others.

Week - 176

Shades of Darkness: Shadow is Arising - Part Four
by jesse12_3
Description: "Well, well, look what we caught, A THEIF!" said Celestra with delight. She raised her hand and attempted to do magic, but James's plan worked, nothing happened.

Week - 177

Shades of Darkness: Shadow is Arising - Part Five
by jesse12_3
Description: We didn't impress the queen the moment we walked in through the palace doors. We were wet, muddy, and cold.

Week - 178

Shades of Darkness: Shadow is Arising - Part Six
by jesse12_3
Description: "I just found him like that," I said. "When he regains consciousness, he'll have to tell us something."

Week - 179

Shades of Darkness - Shadow is Arising: Part Seven
by jesse12_3
Description: The assassin crept up the stairs and into a sleeping Pudding's room. He stood over her bed with his dagger raised, prepared to do what he did best...

Week - 180

Shades of Darkness: Shadow is Arising - Part Eight
by jesse12_3
Description: "These are some of Azlans finest Unis. It will be quicker to ride across the plains then to walk. Smaller pets will ride double with someone. Nevony, you can carry supplies."

Week - 181

Shades of Darkness: Shadow is Arising - Part Nine
by jesse12_3
Description: Torono had enough. Sixteen years was too long to be punished for something that he couldn't help.

Week - 175

What REALLY Goes On Inside the NT Submission Form
by jesse12_3
Description: "Hello Miss," said the Zafara, waving at Rachel. "I'm Nigel Randonon. Would you like to buy some of my Juppie Juice Ink? It's not real juice, it just smells like it! All your friends will love receiving letters from you!"

Week - 174

After Being Frozen - The Taelia Story
by jesse12_3
Description: Hello, I’m Mackenzie, here do a random, insane, pointless interview with Taelia, who has just been thawed from a long, icy, prison sentence. If I may ask so, how was it, Taelia?

Week - 182

Shades of Darkness: Shadow is Arising - Part Ten
by jesse12_3
Description: The passageway was dim, lit by only a few torches. The walls were made of a tan rock substance and mud. But what really surprised me was that there were no guards.

Week - 183

Shades of Darkness: Shadow is Arising - Part Eleven
by jesse12_3
Description: Pudding swung her blade at my chest in a horizontal arc. I jumped back and saw the orange form approaching...

Week - 184

Shades of Darkness: Shadow is Arising - Part Twelve
by jesse12_3
Description: Something was moving around. I could sense it. A shadow on the wall flickered that did not belong to me or Pudding. Pudding shone the torch in its direction.

Week - 200

by jesse12_3
Description: He was the fastest berry picker in the whole tribe and was very proud of it. During his berry picking frenzy, he clasped his hand around a small grey berry...

Week - 224

Fifty Ridiculous, Outrageous, and Just Plain Stupid Ways to Spend Your Neopoints (And Some Decent Ones)
by jesse12_3
Description: 39. Fund an expedition to find out what happened to Kass. *sniff*

Week - 248

Shades of Darkness: Lights in the Shadows - Part One
by jesse12_3
Description: "Well, I can't believe you fell for that old trick again, Tal," taunted the Zafara. "Maybe that's why you were always worthless..."

Week - 249

Shades of Darkness: Lights in the Shadows - Part Two
by jesse12_3
Description: It seemed to take forever to get to the other side of the dungeon. The walls were nothing but cells. Most were full...

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