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Week - 222

Game Glitches
by silentbutterfly
Description: When good arrows go bad...

Also by seth_z

Week - 226

The Search for the Tooth Faerie: Part One
by silentbutterfly
Description: "There IS no Tooth Faerie!" Dewdrop replied. "It's just something that happens to make you feel better for losing a tooth. The Tooth Faerie isn't real!"

Week - 227

The Search for the Tooth Faerie: Part Two
by silentbutterfly
Description: "And WHEN we do find her," Strife added, "I can thank her for the Neopoints and everyone will know I'm right!"

Week - 228

The Search for the Tooth Faerie: Part Three
by silentbutterfly
Description: "I thought we were going to look for the Tooth Faerie, not bet on the Poogles," I said as I finally caught up...

Week - 226

Kadoatery Denial
by silentbutterfly
Description: My once empty inventory is stocked full of food. All these foods that were purchased right out of the shops are just for the Kadoaties. Their owners are on holiday, and here I am doing all the work...

Week - 235

A Uni’s Wish
by silentbutterfly
Description: Once upon a time, a long, long time ago in Neopia, Unis were wingless. They still had their horns, of course...

Week - 236

The Would Be Detective: A Question of Strength
by silentbutterfly
Description: “Countless hours and Neopoints and nothing! Countless training, codestones, and dubloons and still nothing! Oh how it mocks me so!”

Week - 238

Random Contests We Hope to Not See
by silentbutterfly
Description: You can find it in fields, decorate your neohome with it, paint your pet’s petpet dung, and should you even be daring enough, you can even eat it with a wide range of dung delicacies. But would you want it to be art as well?

Also by seth_z

Week - 240

The Would-Be Detective: Where is Dr. Sloth?
by silentbutterfly
Description: "Has anyone seen Dr. Sloth?"

Week - 246

The Lost World of Stnaltia: Part One
by silentbutterfly
Description: "If you want to catch something good, then you have to be patient..."

Week - 247

The Lost World of Stnaltia: Part Two
by silentbutterfly
Description: At least I landed on something soft, she thought with a sigh as she opened her eyes to find herself in a very hidden, very dimly lit cave. Moss was growing on the walls...

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