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Week - 215

by sarahleeadvent
Description: "Name?" No response. The irritated Techo's eyes narrowed. "What is your name?" he asked, more sharply this time...

Week - 226

The Latest and Greatest Recruit of Dr. Frank Sloth
by sarahleeadvent
Description: Dreams of Faerie Paint Brushes... will of iron... brain of Volcanic Rock.

Week - 237

The Orphan and the Beast: Part One
by sarahleeadvent
Description: Shy, quiet and meek, Leah lingered in the background - until it fell to her to do what no one else dared...

Week - 238

The Orphan and the Beast: Part Two
by sarahleeadvent
Description: “Leah, stop!” he whispered hoarsely, but the Wocky didn’t seem to notice him. She moved quietly forward as if in a daze, her footsteps soft and her eyes fixed upon the strange entity...

Week - 239

The Orphan and the Beast: Part Three
by sarahleeadvent
Description: Kamro forced himself to tear his eyes from the fight, then bounded toward Leah, who had collapsed to the ground with tears streaming from her wide and frightened eyes...

Week - 243

Behind the Forbidden Door: Part One
by sarahleeadvent
Description: A moment later the screen was filled by the squint-eyed face of an alien Aisha, who did his best to subdue the trembling in his paws. "So, Flingon," Sloth purred...

Week - 244

Behind the Forbidden Door: Part Two
by sarahleeadvent
Description: The big, glowing blue letters on the screen displayed the same maddening message he had seen so many times over the past month: ACCESS DENIED. Flingon put his head in his hands and stifled a moan. Sloth was going to be furious...

Week - 245

Behind the Forbidden Door: Part Three
by sarahleeadvent
Description: Or else. As if there was anything Sloth could do that would be worse than that modified many-legged monstrosity. For a brief moment Flingon considered fleeing the Space Station and going into hiding- but what would be the point?

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