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Week - 196

Lily's Secret
by animalnutz1993
Description: Lily had a secret. Of course, I've known that forever. That didn't mean I didn't want to know what the secret was.

Week - 212

The New Family Member
by animalnutz1993
Description: Ah, this is the life. Rolling around in the front yard with your Neopet, letting her fuss over you, feed you, paint you a fancy color, love you…what more could a Faerie Doglefox ask for?

Week - 212

The Sought, the Sister, and the Sorceress: Part One
by animalnutz1993
Description: "I can't help it. No one at school wants to play with me. I'm too short, I look like I'm in kindergarten," said Kari gloomily...

Week - 213

The Sought, the Sister, and the Sorceress: Part Two
by animalnutz1993
Description: "Correction: they wanted you. I just followed you from behind, but I was found out. Apparently, you're the Chosen One."

Week - 214

The Sought, the Sister, and the Sorceress: Part Three
by animalnutz1993
Description: "Aw, man! I SO need a bath," complained Kari. Indeed, her usually blue Wocky fur was turning a murky brown...

Week - 215

The Sought, the Sister, and the Sorceress: Part Four
by animalnutz1993
Description: "Very well. May I suggest we all get comfortable? I will meet you in my study in one hour." And the Faerie Queen vanished without a glimmer or mist...

Week - 216

The Sought, the Sister, and the Sorceress: Part Five
by animalnutz1993
Description: Kari knelt down next to Sam. She bit her lip and said in a small voice, "Sam?" I took a nervous step towards the pair of them...

Week - 213

Another Type of "Lost"
by animalnutz1993
Description: I'm sick of it. So I'm running away.

Week - 215

The Wishing Well Blues
by animalnutz1993
Description: "Jazz, I highly doubt that you'll get your wish after 27 times," I said reasonably...

Week - 218

There's A Reason Why Owners Don't Go To Neoschool
by animalnutz1993
Description: "Mom! Mom!" she said. I smiled at her excitement. "Guess what? They've started a program to get owners more involved in Neoschool!"

Week - 217

Hannah's "Evil Twin"
by animalnutz1993
Description: Hannah thought back and grimaced. "Once," she said. "But that was a long time ago."

Week - 219

Plushie Love
by animalnutz1993
Description: "What do you have in mind, dear?" asked the Faerie Queen, her fingertips together, looking intent...

Week - 220

Top Ten Ways to Avoid Taking Out the Trash
by animalnutz1993
Description: Nobody likes garbage duty. It's an annoying, bothersome, smelly job. So I have carefully devised some plans for you, dear reader...

Week - 224

Earning Back Friendship
by animalnutz1993
Description: "A Lupe's got a right to hum," I said indignantly. "You're lucky I'm not singing."

Week - 241

Perfect Imperfection
by animalnutz1993
Description: "Well," said Angie slowly. "Was the candy still any good from Halloween, Winter?"

Week - 244

Dancing to the Music of Your Heart
by animalnutz1993
Description: "I need you to focus on what young Kougresses like you are supposed to be focusing on," he said seriously. "Life will get you nowhere if you try to pursue a career of dancing. Now, to be a farmer is a different story..."

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