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Week - 230

The Rise of the Space Faerie: Discovery - Part One
by desibick
Description: Laimane was eager to get home for reasons besides the rain. Rain was rare in Faerieland and was often considered an ill omen, and she didn't need the rain to remind her...

Week - 231

The Rise of the Space Faerie: Discovery - Part Two
by desibick
Description: She wasn't going to play this game any longer. Her strides long and purposeful and her leather sandals smacking against the stone ground beneath her, Laimane confidently approached the cradle...

Week - 232

The Rise of the Space Faerie: Discovery - Part Three
by desibick
Description: There was only one conclusion to make. Someone had entered the house, and was possibly still there...

Week - 233

The Rise of the Space Faerie: Discovery - Part Four
by desibick
Description: A short burst of gruff, humorless laughter reached her. "Dorefska? Oh no. Dorefska would have mercy on you. I won't."

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