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Week - 185

The Cursed Anubis
by dragoncatcher_sammy
Description: "Some say it's desperate Neopets, lost and in need of food and water. But only a true Neopet would know it is the Cursed Anubis himself."

Week - 188

Oh Joyous For Me-ous
by xtrat
Description: A waste of NP?

Also idea by dragoncatcher_sammy and smudgeoffudge

Week - 223

Evil Death
by dragoncatcher_sammy
Description: "Mr. Thade, sir?" the Gelert squeaked. "I have a riddle for you, Mr. Thade."

Week - 232

The Shoyru Tamer: Part One
by dragoncatcher_sammy
Description: Duel leaned over to hug her for comfort. "It's okay Sammy. He'll turn up again sometime."

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