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Week - 205

Dismissing the Myths About Sloth Minions
by darkerstrife
Description: Contrary to popular belief, Sloth minions are not mindless drones who constantly boast about their master's achievements. I am here to prove this.

Week - 209

Magic vs. Technology - Which is the Better Element?
by darkerstrife
Description: It really was a tricky question. I mean, the highly advanced technology of the Space Station was, in a lot of ways, similar to the magic found in places like Meridell or Brightvale.

Week - 231

Deserts and Desserts: A Gargarox Isafuhlarg Story - Part One
by darkerstrife
Description: "I haven't had an infestation this bad since that blunkabean scare over two years ago..." Gargarox wiped his forehead in exhaustion. "Looks like I have no choice... I'll have to call an exterminator."

Week - 232

Deserts and Desserts: A Gargarox Isafuhlarg Story - Part Two
by darkerstrife
Description: "Well, this is awful!" said Yazer. "We can't spend the rest of our lives as micro-organisms! How are we going to get big again?"

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