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Week - 203

25 Things to Do with an Unwanted Plushie Gallery
by puppy200010
Description: Save them for the next gift-giving holiday. Give them for birthday presents, for Christmas, and for the day that has been cancelled due to lack of interest! What? That's not a gift-giving holiday?

Week - 205

Defence Techniques for Custard Pets
by puppy200010
Description: But as the Grarrl comes closer, you can see a hungry glint in his eye and practically hear the rumble of his empty stomach. Sure, he likes your new coloring, but he wants to see how you taste! Yes, maybe some would consider it cannibalism, but remember, you're custard now!

Week - 207

Before Falling Asleep...
by puppy200010
Description: The old classic: count babaas. One babaa, two, three, fou--Ok, you've just had a pillow shoved in your mouth by your awakened (and obviously, irritable) roommate.

Week - 209

Never Wish to Fly: Part One
by puppy200010
Description: To try to fulfill her dream, she had started to go to a certain, odd scientist. Daily she would visit him, in hopes of being zapped...

Week - 210

Never Wish to Fly: Part Two
by puppy200010
Description: "Where did you get this?" he shouted. Leaving no time for her to possibly answer, he continued. "This is a space map piece! I thought it was gone for good..."

Week - 211

Never Wish to Fly: Part Three
by puppy200010
Description: The island was now close enough to land on, but despite her sore wings, Glia couldn't help but show off to the bystanders on the beach. She did a couple of twists and flips in the air. She stopped paying attention and nearly had a nasty collision with the ground in front of Neopia's arcade...

Week - 212

Never Wish to Fly: Part Four
by puppy200010
Description: Even though Glia had decided not to turn back upon the sight of the house, she was now having second thoughts, seeing it up close. The wood was pitch black, almost blending in with the many surrounding trees, smelling somewhat rotten, and splintering at the mere touch...

Week - 213

Never Wish to Fly: Part Five
by puppy200010
Description: "Good. The mutt seems to still be asleep from the effects of that sleeping potion I snuck into her tea. I thought she would never be quiet..."

Week - 214

Never Wish to Fly: Part Six
by puppy200010
Description: A small, cracked, blue bowl full of some sort of unidentifiable, odd-smelling brown and green slop was shoved into her face. Yum, breakfast, thought Pangra sarcastically...

Week - 210

NeoQuest II: Behind the Scenes
by puppy200010
Description: Sure, you may know what goes on with the NeoQuest characters while they're fighting, but do you know much about their lives outside of the game? Of course not, because they're always busy and never do any interviews!

Week - 211

This Article is a Part of Your Balanced Breakfast
by puppy200010
Description: The word "cereal" comes from the Neolatinus phrase "see real Al", which means absolutely nothing! (Who is this "real Al" anyway?)...

Week - 214

Watch for Cracks This October
by puppy200010
Description: Don't let any black meowclopses cross your path, especially when you're eating that fish pop!

Also by plutoplus1

Week - 217

When the Weather is Grey: Part One
by puppy200010
Description: Why can't all rain be like this? Why is today's rain different? Has rain always been like this, and I just never noticed?

Week - 218

When the Weather is Grey: Part Two
by puppy200010
Description: "You are, quite obviously, not in Neopia Central anymore. Your coloring, along with all that rain you had last night, has brought you to this island..."

Week - 219

When the Weather is Grey: Part Three
by puppy200010
Description: Rain beat against the roof, a sound that was starting to drive Nili quite insane. The fire, she noticed reluctantly, had gone out overnight...

Week - 216

Survival: a Guide to Neopian Camping
by puppy200010
Description: The first thing you need to do before camping is to pack. Sounds easy, right?

Week - 221

Coming Down Your Chimney
by puppy200010
Description: Warning: Proceeding to read and act upon the statements and directions made further in this article could cause you to be put on the naughty list for years to come...

Week - 222

Thank Heaven For Year Seven!
by dan4884
Description: Many things happened in the past year, so we thought we'd be nice and tell you about it again, just in case you forgot!

Also by puppy200010

Week - 224

As the Clouds Clear: Part One
by puppy200010
Description: No one could understand why she always seemed so upset now. They'd approach her and ask, "Why so sad?" without noticing her grey coloring...

Week - 225

As the Clouds Clear: Part Two
by puppy200010
Description: "That’s exactly it! I can’t figure it out. Is it even possible that there are two islands, exactly identical, where it never stops raining, grey pets run amuck, and pets trapped there are doomed to fade to grey?"

Week - 226

As the Clouds Clear: Part Three
by puppy200010
Description: After several more minutes of walking, the large Lenny Library building came into view. The pair quickly ran up the steps and into the building to start their research...

Week - 227

As the Clouds Clear: Part Four
by puppy200010
Description: "We have a new matter on our hands to deal with tonight. These two pets, Nilika and Jacob, have returned to our island. We must decide how to deal with them."

Week - 228

As the Clouds Clear: Part Five
by puppy200010
Description: It was several more hours before the peak of the mountain came into view. Once she reached it, Nili wasted no time...

Week - 227

20 Valentine's Gifts of Not-So-Ultimate Doom
by puppy200010
Description: This might be a good time to warn some Neopian Times readers about what not to give their valentines this year!

Also by plutoplus1

Week - 230

Walk the Plank: Part One
by puppy200010
Description: "Arr, it be good to be Darkwing, scourge o' the seas, master o' all that be on the ocean..."

Week - 231

Walk the Plank: Part Two
by puppy200010
Description: Diran quickly grabbed hold of the mast. Looking upward through the rain, he could see a silhouette of a Krawk up in the crow's nest, letting down the sails. He dove to the left to avoid being crushed by the massive sail...

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