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Week - 218

The Lone Howler
by kindheartedfairy
Description: It was said that when some of the evil creatures in the Haunted Woods ran out of room, they moved to that thick forest. Ever since the tales had spread, few young Neopians ever dared to enter the "Forest of Darkness"...

Week - 222

Katie the Witch
by kindheartedfairy
Description: Her mother's family had magical powers. When Katie's father had learned about this two years ago, her mother simply disappeared. No one knew how...

Week - 225

The Ruby Heart: Part One
by kindheartedfairy
Description: I don't know why I was awake at the time, but I was, just as I had been every now and then. It was him. I was remembering again. I had to remember again...

Week - 226

The Ruby Heart: Part Two
by kindheartedfairy
Description: I carefully looked around, and spotted a shadow behind a Blackberry Bush and a Blushing Lavender Bush. "Come out," I snapped, guessing who it was...

Week - 227

The Ruby Heart: Part Three
by kindheartedfairy
Description: "Yes, your past," my mother started in a sweet melodic voice. "It began fifteen and a half years ago..."

Week - 228

The Ruby Heart: Part Four
by kindheartedfairy
Description: I turned around just as Reginald and my parents came running. "Th-th-th-there w-w-was a D-d-d-dark F-f-faerie in here," I stammered...

Week - 229

The Ruby Heart: Part Five
by kindheartedfairy
Description: Elaine ignored me and reached into my pocket, lightly touching the heart-shaped jewel. There was a familiar blinding light, and I once again shut my eyes. When I reopened my eyes, we were back in the throne room of the palace, and the only thing different was that it lacked Faeries...

Week - 230

Katie and Terry
by kindheartedfairy
Description: Katie walked up to a Yellow Ogrin. "Excuse me, but could you tell me where the Haunted Woods are?"

Week - 231

Like a Sister to Me
by kindheartedfairy
Description: "The Dark Faeries live there. I never want to be near any of them and their evil, especially Jhudora. Now hurry up, or you'll be late for school."

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