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Week - 208

The Return of Scarblade: Part One
by funkiechunkymunkie
Description: The sun was setting beautifully in the cloudless sky, and the wind ruffled the Usul's hair, as well as providing for the sails. Yet, somehow, Garin felt as though something was missing...

Week - 209

The Return of Scarblade: Part Two
by funkiechunkymunkie
Description: "Garin, you do not understand. Everything changes the future, but my visions always come true."

Week - 210

The Return of Scarblade: Part Three
by funkiechunkymunkie
Description: Scarblade laughed cruelly and mirthlessly. The crew of the Black Pawkeet, including its captain and first mate, accompanied by Caylis, were at his mercy. Everyone believed Isca was dead. Who could stop him now?

Week - 214

The Curse of Talador: Part One
by funkiechunkymunkie
Description: Talador sounds beautiful, no? I know what you are thinking. I wish I could return as well...

Week - 215

The Curse of Talador: Part Two
by funkiechunkymunkie
Description: "Siyana... Talador's light is gone... you must return the light." A tear trickled down my cheek...

Week - 229

The Curse of Talador: Fate - Part One
by funkiechunkymunkie
Description: Close behind the Darkest Faerie, I stood helpless as my people scattered in despair, not even knowing why this creature was taunting them...

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