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Week - 182

The Misadventures of a Pink Lenny
by immortalmina
Description: TWACK!

Art by sillygirl_543

Week - 200

Tour at the Citadel
by jerk_head
Description: Right then, moving on.

Art by sillygirl_543

Week - 201

Something Has Happened
by tdyans
Description: AIEEEEEEE!!!

Drawn by sillygirl_543

Week - 204

Short Stuff
by unknown_xx
Description: You must be this tall to ride.

Also drawn by sillygirl_543

Week - 222

Triple Negative
by sillygirl_543
Description: Mission: Starry PB.

Week - 223

Notions and Nonsense: Practical Joke
by sillygirl_543
Description: That was NOT a nice thing you did!

Written by patjade

Week - 225

Triple Negative
by sillygirl_543
Description: You have to see it to believe it.

Week - 228

Triple Negative
by sillygirl_543
Description: Um...

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