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Week - 212

11 Uses for your Newly Acquired Pile of Soot
by velveteen
Description: Your poor pet still claims to love their dusty little pile of petpet but trying to speak or interact with them yields no result. That’s no fun, is it?

Week - 216

Battledome Blues
by velveteen
Description: This is going to get messy...

Week - 214

Tricking For Your Treats!
by velveteen
Description: Well, we can help you make this year’s celebrations turn in to a candy-filled party by demonstrating the amazing effects of a mere minimum-effort costume change and a bit of trickery!

Also by tnumfive

Week - 217

Blast From The Past!
by velveteen
Description: I had the oddest dream...

Week - 221

Weewoo Woes
by punkers15
Description: Eep!

Art by velveteen

Week - 222

by velveteen
Description: Umm, no thanks.

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