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Week - 191

The Lost Desert Exploration
by matjake44_3
Description: The Lost Desert is an amazing place, though not for snow-painted Neopets and Ice Boris, but otherwise you’ll just get a spot of sunburn. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Week - 218

Faerie Fanatics: Part One
by matjake44_3
Description: As I was flicking through the Times, there was a large headline that caught my eye: RAINBOW FAERIE MISSING!

Week - 219

Faerie Fanatics: Part Two
by matjake44_3
Description: It took me weeks to get a vacant ferry to Mystery Island. It must be remarkably popular right now. I wonder why...

Week - 220

Faerie Fanatics: Part Three
by matjake44_3
Description: I had always wanted to go to Virtupets, but not as a prisoner...

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