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Week - 189

A Ghost Story
by darkwolf__untamed
Description: A ghost!! Run!!

Week - 195

Snowager Trade-Off
by darkwolf__untamed
Description: Well? I had to give him SOMETHING so he wouldn't blast me...

Week - 198

Meepit vs. Feepit: a Guide to the Avatar
by darkwolf__untamed
Description: My personal favorite is the Fire Meepit, with its Comet Skullbash attack. All of their combos are fun to watch, but NOT fun to be hit by...

Week - 199

Dr_Death On Life
by darkwolf__untamed
Description: I see abandoned pets every day... I was once just like them. Who am I? I'm Dr_Death, and this is my story...

Week - 200

Accidental Hero
by darkwolf__untamed
Description: Who was he? He was a Jetsam. He was a vampire. He was a friend. He was a hero...

Week - 204

Buzzer Ball
by darkwolf__untamed
Description: "Arr... It looks as if ye overshot again, matey..."

Week - 206

Well Kept Secret
by darkwolf__untamed
Description: "Are you crazy?"

Idea by _trinitylast_

Week - 213

Well Kept Secret 2
by darkwolf__untamed
Description: "It's called _____ _____..."

Idea by _trinitylast_

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