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Week - 186

The Dream of a Kitchen Boy
by ssjelitegirl
Description: The curious eyes belonged to Joey, a young Gelert who worked in the restaurant's kitchen. He had always wanted to become a pirate but it wasn't half as easy as he had imagined it to be.

Week - 187

Jhudora's Bottle
by ssjelitegirl
Description: Shara frowned and tried to figure out what to do with the bottle. The Ruki had talked about Faerieland, that made her careful...

Week - 189

The Tooth Faerie's Magic
by ssjelitegirl
Description: "And you're the only one who takes their lost teeth away," the Uni remarked, getting up and sniffing the rattling bag. "You could use an apprentice or something."

Week - 199

A Storm and a Kite
by ssjelitegirl
Description: When there's a wind, there's a way...

Week - 198

Mushroom for Phila: Part One
by ssjelitegirl
Description: Far away from the shops and tourist attractions, even from the farthest Neohomes, deep in the jungle right by a small river was a single campfire and four Neopets sitting around it...

Week - 199

Mushroom for Phila: Part Two
by ssjelitegirl
Description: She trotted down the path and disappeared. Tsuki sighed and followed her, dropping a dry "stay here and don't move" at the others...

Week - 200

Mushroom for Phila: Part Three
by ssjelitegirl
Description: Then the door opened very slowly. There was nobody in sight but the whispering got louder...

Week - 201

Mushroom for Phila: Part Four
by ssjelitegirl
Description: "You are right," the Aisha said and stood up. "You may pass. This is the way to the city of Geraptiku," he added, pointing at the path next to him...

Week - 200

Family Values
by ssjelitegirl
Description: That dream again...

Week - 203

Ultimate Cork Gun
by ssjelitegirl
Description: Missed. Try again.

Week - 205

Do Not Poke
by ssjelitegirl
Description: Aww, poor Turmaculus...

Week - 207

by ssjelitegirl
Description: You're kidding, right?

Week - 211

Twin brothers
by ssjelitegirl
Description: Hey, you know Punchbag Bob?

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