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Week - 174

Smile of an Acara
by 3dcourtney12044
Description: She'd come all this way, she might as well get that new dress she'd wanted. Then she'd quickly get home before the rain fell, and all would be well as she tried on her new dress at home in front of her full-length pink mirror.

Week - 177

Remember Me?: Part One
by 3dcourtney12044
Description: "Give it up, Shoyru," he growled as he got closer. "You're no match for me, and you know it. What have you got, but a scrawny little sword?"

Week - 178

Remember Me?: Part Two
by 3dcourtney12044
Description: She kept quiet, but her mind was bubbling, hungry for answers. Who am I? What's going on? Who are these people?

Week - 176

Who Needs a Royal Paint Brush? II
by 3dcourtney12044
Description: "You know how she's been losing her eyesight lately?" Cuni nodded, knowing the Snowbunny had recently run into the wall head-on. "Well, I took her to the Neopian Hospital. They told me they usually can only help Neopets, but promised to take a look at her."

Week - 184

The Uni and the Miamouse: Part One
by 3dcourtney12044
Description: "Do you wanna go and do one of Jhudora's quests? Shiverz took me there yesterday, it was one of my first quests for her. I was a bit scared, but Jhudora's not really all that evil, is she?"

Week - 185

The Uni and the Miamouse: Part Two
by 3dcourtney12044
Description: "We'll find her, Cuni, whatever it takes," vowed Winny. She looked determined. "She is a faerie Petpet, right? I mean, Miamice are originally from Faerieland, yes?"

Week - 186

The Uni and the Miamouse: Part Three
by 3dcourtney12044
Description: Though she was absolutely sobbing with dread, though she was worried-sick about her poor Petpet, though she couldn't imagine what in Neopia Jhudora planned to do with Shyle -- Cuni smiled back at her true friend.

Week - 187

The Uni and the Miamouse: Part Four
by 3dcourtney12044
Description: "Cuni, when you mentioned Shyle -- I kind of got a... an idea." Winny's eyes lit up. "Concentrate on Shyle. Think about her. Picture, um, a happy memory of the two of you! Do something, anything!"

Week - 183

He Never Really Left
by 3dcourtney12044
Description: Snickers had thrown his sketch book and pencil aside as he sprinted down the hill, but the Turmaculus stood on all fours, eyes agleam with a hungry glint...

Week - 187

The Woes of Being Jelly
by 3dcourtney12044
Description: "I feel like the Jelly Chia," I mumbled as we walked home, "just as ugly and just as... mouth-watering!"

Week - 186

Warf Rescue Team: The Warf That Could
by 3dcourtney12044
Description: It was a busy spring day -- one of my least favorite seasons, mainly because the Kadoaties wander around outside without their foolish master's supervision, and get themselves stuck in a tree. And that's where the Warf Rescue Team comes in.

Week - 194

by 3dcourtney12044
Description: Kyleigh blinked for a moment as she tried to back away, but her paw hit the counter and she merely stood there, unaware that her mouth had dropped open, for this Kacheek wasn't her typical customer...

Week - 208

Who Needs a Royal Paint Brush? III: Part One
by 3dcourtney12044
Description: Kaunna heaved a sigh and blinked away the snow, brushing it off of her face and wrapping her scarf around her neck. "But we're -- we're almost there."

Week - 209

Who Needs a Royal Paint Brush? III: Part Two
by 3dcourtney12044

Feeling dazed and rather overwhelmed, Cuni crawled forward slightly, got to her feet, trotted out of the closet, and glanced into the kitchen. No one was there...

Week - 210

Who Needs a Royal Paint Brush? III: Part Three
by 3dcourtney12044
Description: Cuni jumped to her feet, her heart pounding so loudly she was surprised Snickers and Xrai could not hear it in the kitchen...

Week - 211

Who Needs a Royal Paint Brush? III: Part Four
by 3dcourtney12044
Description: "She's coming, she got us some soup for the Soup Faerie," said Kaunna. "Though it may not be very warm when she gets here, Syl, so don't count on it --"

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