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Week - 158

Of Lights from Within: Part Five
by blubblub317
Description: Maddi wanted to stay like that forever… eternally surrounded by her protective wing. With Nagria guarding him like that, he felt as though nothing could harm him, and like everything would be all right.

Week - 159

Of Lights from Within: Part Six
by chocolateisamust
Description: "Don't you have any memories of what happened before Nora adopted you?"

Week - 160

Of Lights from Within: Part Seven
by blubblub317
Description: "Come on, Maddi!" Kylan exclaimed, cutting the Kougra's chain of thoughts. "We don't have time to look at mirrors."

Week - 161

Of Lights from Within: Part Eight
by chocolateisamust
Description: The Kougra longed for the comforting hug that only Nora could provide - the kind of hug only between a pet and owner. Would he ever feel a hug like that again?

Week - 162

Of Lights from Within: Part Nine
by blubblub317
Description: "Must… get … to… the… castle…" he whispered to himself, his paws pounding furiously on the dead leaves that were scattered all around the ground.

Week - 163

Of Lights from Within: Part Ten
by chocolateisamust
Description: "You got the box, but where do think you're going, you little runt?!" a voice suddenly roared.

Week - 159

Trouble and Trub
by chocolateisamust
Description: So...hungry...need food.

Week - 163

I Shouldn't Have...
by chocolateisamust
Description: They believed me. Never doubted me. Why should they, such an innocent looking faerie Zafara with pastel purple fur and butterfly wings? I don't know. I never will.

Week - 170

Christmas Never Came
by chocolateisamust
Description: It was so… peaceful then… so peaceful today, on Christmas day. So happy. Everybody was nice to each other, it seemed. Everybody was nice to everybody else, almost at least. Everybody was nice to everybody else… except for the street pets.

Week - 179

The Other Side of The Story
by chocolateisamust
Description: I scanned the rows of empty Kadoatie cages, making sure each was perfect for when the first Kadoaties arrived.

Week - 176

Neopian Food Reviews
by chocolateisamust
Description: I highly doubt you’ve tasted all of these foods, both because of lack of Neopoints and fear of bad taste. So, to be branded honorable Neopians, my friend Ery and I decided to take on the duty of tasting different types of Neopian foods to report back to you if they’re worth buying!

Week - 186

Memoirs of a Pirate Crew
by chocolateisamust
Description: They were used to the aggression of the waves; the jumping water did not bother the crowd, and they ignored it, as they chatted rather than slept.

Week - 189

A Paw To Hold On To
by chocolateisamust
Description: I froze and turned my head towards the clutching party gingerly. Standing there, leaning over the bushy, wispy fur of my tail, was a small yellow Kacheek.

Also by hottamale0774

Week - 202

The Moigic Toights
by chocolateisamust
Description: After all, it was just water and who in Neopia would buy a pail of water?

Also by extreme_fj0rd

Week - 204

Never Trust A Chicken Man: Part One
by chocolateisamust
Description: "Oh, that's easy too! Just state your name, cause, and how many minions you wish to acquire. From there, it's smooth sailing."

Also by extreme_fj0rd

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