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Week - 196

Home < High Seas: Part One
by destervetha
Description: Pirates. That's what Desterenel thought the moment she set eyes on them. They were a scruffy, disreputable, wretched looking lot, bedecked with golden earrings and bandanas...

Week - 197

Home < High Seas: Part Two
by destervetha
Description: Thus she was in the perfect spot to listen when he began expounding tales of his bravery and past conquests. He rattled on and on, his subordinates doing their best not to look bored. But Desterenel...

Week - 198

Home < High Seas: Part Three
by destervetha
Description:  Desterenel, however, wasn't all that thrilled. She had been perfectly happy, falling asleep to the sounds of pirates grumbling, muttering, fighting, and singing...

Week - 199

Home < High Seas: Part Four
by destervetha
Description: Thus it was that they had moved systematically through the countryside, cutting a swathe through small towns...

Week - 200

Home < High Seas: Part Five
by destervetha
Description: Indeed, every ship they captured was sighted by Desterenel's piercing amber eyes. She became an invaluable resource to the Grey Feather...

Week - 201

Home < High Seas: Part Six
by destervetha
Description: The sails nearly hurt the eyes, spun of shimmering cloth-of-gold as they were, and the heavy main lines securing the masts were laced with gold wire. For the 'Tonne wasn't just a cargo ship...

Week - 202

Home < High Seas: Part Seven
by destervetha
Description: Worn out and mollified, she returned to her tiny, wet bunk, and curled up to nap. She had a lot to think upon...

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