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Week - 158

Jelly Woes
by imogenweasley
Description: I'm weird

Week - 172

Jelly Woes
by imogenweasley
Description: Now you're stuck with it!

Week - 179

Illusen's Lament
by imogenweasley
Description: The things she deals with...

Week - 186

Hooked On A Snarhook: Part One
by imogenweasley
Description: Ever since he had first seen a Weewoo, resting on the tree branch outside his window, and heard its gentle calls, he had wanted to work with Petpets; that was definite. But to move to Krawk Island, one of the most dangerous places on Neopia? That had been a big step.

Also by neonick19881988

Week - 187

Hooked On A Snarhook: Part Two
by imogenweasley
Description: "You have a choice to make, lad. Do you carry on working here? Or do you leave, abandon your dreams, for some Snarhook?"

Also by Neonick19881988

Week - 188

Hooked On A Snarhook: Part Three
by imogenweasley
Description: "When I heard that some brown Kyrii had been found lying on the castle grounds I knew it was you," said a familiar voice next to him. It was Hitieks. He couldn't see him, but Erals knew.. "Won't leave without a battle, huh?"

Also by neonick19881988

Week - 191

The Power in a Name
by imogenweasley
Description: This Eyrie was no common Eyrie. He had no name. He had been raised by a group of earth faeries from the day he was born...

Week - 192

Jelly Woes
by imogenweasley
Description: I want another one!

Week - 194

Confidence is the Key
by imogenweasley
Description: Lion was an excellent Battledomer, Ruby was an awesome artist, and her… she was supposed to be the writer, but she knew she wasn't as gifted as her friends. No matter how many times Lion and Ruby complimented her, she often thought her writing was shabby...

Week - 200

The Meerca Siblings Crossover
by imogenweasley
Description: Grr, take that!

Week - 197

Be Adverted
by imogenweasley
Description: My quest is different; I decided to pay attention to those adverts for once and examine them to find out who were Sloth accomplices...

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