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Week - 168

Wishes by Moonlight
by smurfafied1800
Description: Every day was a test of survival, but the only thing that really happened was walking, scavenging for food, and more walking. He wished that something would happen...something that happened for the better of the pack.

Week - 173

Moving On, the Loss of a Petpet
by smurfafied1800
Description: I flew into Hiterkuna's room and found the young Zafara cradling a sickly looking Meepit in her arms. She looked up at me, tears in her eyes.

Week - 180

Awakening: Part One
by smurfafied1800
Description: "Them leaves aren't good enough te return," he whispered in her ear, so as not to attract attention. "Ye're gonna have te pay with yer petpet." Hiterkuna grabbed Spike protectively.

Week - 181

Awakening - Part Two
by smurfafied1800
Description: Take the girl to the royal chambers and have her cleaned off! Then give her some new clothes! After that, prepare the forty course dinner!

Week - 182

Awakening: Part Three
by smurfafied1800
Description: "NO!" she screamed. "Heroes never die! Never!" MirrorEyes fell down to his knees and said, "Look at me."

Week - 183

Awakening - Part Four
by smurfafied1800
Description: Yubioke didn't care half a copper coin if Whelp was carrying a sword. After all, it was very rusty and unable to really hurt anything.

Week - 184

Awakening - Part Five
by smurfafied1800
Description: Hiterkuna felt an explosion and everything was black. Victoria and her father sneered and tied her up. Then, Tarnath shouldered the unconscious Zafara and they left, laughing.

Week - 185

Awakening - Part Six
by smurfafied1800
Description: I knew that the snake's poison was working at its full, desperately trying to kill me as fast as possible. With a final roar of defeat, I jumped at the snake. The sword flashed with blood and met the snake's neck...

Week - 183

The Shade Flame Legacy: Valrigard - Part One
by smurfafied1800
Description: I needed to escape from Meridell. I buried my head in my claws and thought as hard as I could, but nothing came to me. I felt useless, I felt alone...

Week - 184

The Shade Flame Legacy: Valrigard - Part One
by smurfafied1800
Description: "What, do you like being called Traitor? Is that who you really are?"

Week - 185

The Shade Flame Legacy: Valrigard - Part Three
by smurfafied1800
Description: yvor didn't see why freedom was so important. It wasn't all that great, if you were the one controlling the enslaved...

Week - 186

The Shade Flame Legacy: Valrigard - Part Four
by smurfafied1800
Description: "If you're from Meridell, I must say I'm suprised," he said, panting. "We signed a treaty...but I suppose it didn't work out... again..."

Week - 187

The Shade Flame Legacy: Valrigard - Part Five
by smurfafied1800
Description: "You didn't kill Darigan. My plan isn't going along smoothly, Valrigard," he said. "But, I suppose someone else will have to be the end of them. How about we make a deal?"

Week - 188

The Shade Flame Legacy: Valrigard - Part Six
by smurfafied1800
Description: "He must have a powerful army," he said, "or he wouldn't challenge us. I think he's captured a powerful magic some way... maybe with his own." The thought of magic triggered a question in my mind.

Week - 189

The Shade Flame Legacy: Valrigard: Part Seven
by smurfafied1800
Description: "Don't try that one again, Gelert. Your plans are pathetic, and you know it. I feel about as much sorrow for you as I do Jeran, when he fell from the Citadel. Do you understand? None."

Week - 190

The Shade Flame Legacy: Valrigard - Part Eight
by smurfafied1800
Description: Energy flowed throughout my muscles, and I could hear Skarl roar in agony. I ran completely out of air...

Week - 191

The Shade Flame Legacy: Valrigard - Part Nine
by smurfafied1800
Description: "Tell us who you work for," Sheer said simply. Zayta spat at his feet. "Wrong answer," he said and squeezed his fingers together.

Week - 192

The Shade Flame Legacy: Valrigard - Part Ten
by smurfafied1800
Description: "Well, well, aren't you the troublesome type? First you start a war, and now you become the damsel in distress. Or should I say the damsel of distress?"

Week - 193

The Shade Flame Legacy: Valrigard - Part Eleven
by smurfafied1800
Description: She said that it was selfish of me to not let her go...and she was right. I sighed. Whatever little voice in my head that was tormenting me was right...

Week - 194

The Shade Flame Legacy: Valrigard - Part Twelve
by smurfafied1800
Description: "No," I said quietly, sobbing once, "I was Velle's friend, and she was mine. It was her choice if she wanted to be my friend... and she chose..."

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