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Week - 165

Vicious Kadoaties
by lukeneedsatrim
Description: Looks can be deceiving.

Week - 173

Ekul The Erratic Red Chia!
by lukeneedsatrim
Description: Err... run!

Week - 184

Something Hot Happened!
by lukeneedsatrim
Description: Ohhh how cute...!???

Week - 186

A Very Stuffed Abode
by 0523ck
Description: Okay... press up, down, left, right...

Also by lukeneedsatrim

Week - 189

Crazed... Whatever That Means
by humblely
Description: You're pretty!

Also by lukeneedsatrim

Week - 190

Wrooq The Red Wocky
by lukeneedsatrim
Description: Gimme a smile!

Also by WrooqComics

Week - 192

Antica's Antics #1
by lukeneedsatrim
Description: That book is so0o0o0o boring!!

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