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Week - 181

Destiny: Darkness, But With a Hope
by humblely
Description: "Fortuneteller, tell me, what do you see for the future of my kingdom?" inquired King Skarlette casually as he twirled his thick brown mustache.

Week - 186

An Interview with Jhudora
by hottamale0774
Description: Dragging her partner in crime by the sleeve, Hu dashed towards the menacing purple cloud where they were expected. Hu carefully pushed the large maroon door open and there she was...

Also by humblely

Week - 188

Masila - Admitting Her Past
by humblely
Description: "You haven't answered my question, Madam. Why do you frown so if the weather is so fine?" pestered the Ixi.

Week - 188

Crazed, Whatever That Means?
by humblely
Description: Not feeling so good...

Also by patrick3675

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