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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Relaxing, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 94 > Editorial


How come in volcano run there wasnt a brown cloud but now there is one? Is it a mistake or is it here to stay? - Kirsty210989
That brown cloud is here to stay! Watch out for it!

Who decides what items go in the shops when its restock? Or is it just random? - Cowboykid200
Adam hand picks exactly what goes into a shop every time it restocks. Hehe just kidding its random :)

In what petpet store do you buy the cute wittle Ona? - Okapi_ocean
Onas are on sale in the Wintery Petpet shop. It looks like a gingerbread house in Snowy Valley.

Will there ever be a Disco Nimmo released? - Liliana95
That is very possible as Nimmo day is coming up at the end of this week.

When I saw you were releasing a Neopets game I started to think about a problem people who dont own a Play Station will have. So my question is will the game be released for the pc? - Monkeyfish126
The Darkest Faerie will not, but it is not the only computer game we are working on... Shhhhhhh.....

I would really like to know if Baby Kougra Custard is actually made from baby Kougras?! Is that a paw sticking out of the pot?! - Foxvampiro
Ewwww... no gross.... Thats not a paw, its a cute baby Kougra shaped spoon to help you eat the custard.

What store is selling Pocket Neopets in the U.S.? I can't seem to find them anywhere, and I really want a Lost Desert one. - Danceresialb
I found some in Target the other weekend, they should be in all Walmart and Target stores across the USA. I think they are also in Toys r us as well.

Will we be able to create a Koi on Koi Day like on Cybunny Day?
If you are one of the lucky few who is playing the site when we update new features yes.

I've been noticing that on the General Chat board a LOT of girls are trying to get online boyfriends. Is that against the rules? It gets so annoying!?
Yes that is VERY against the rules and I know its ridiculously annoying. Rest assured a LOT of girls and boys get their accounts frozen if they don't knock it off!

Hi! I just bought two of the interactive pets and I love them!!!! (P.S. you could say on the packaging that they like music! Mine love it.) Couple questions, Are you going to make new Unis now that you have the new design? Also, my mother really wants a Gelert interative pet, are you going to make one? - Much_ado_
About the Unis that is a very good question. Didn't think about that :) Tell your mother that the Gelert is being made right now and should be out around November *crosses fingers*.

Why do my pets run away from the Snowager when he is asleep? I will click on the button to "approach" the Snowager and they will run away. Is there something wrong with my Moehog and Tonu? - Mattchoo
Nope, I would say your Moehog and Tonu are probably pretty smart. You wouldn't catch me walking into the Snowager's Cave either.

Why did you say in the news to look at the weather today??? - Songbreez
It was a random event, some people don't know there is a weather forecast every day for Neopia (well central Neopia at least) and its nice to remind them.

Will the Thinkway toys ever be in Canada and if so what stores?-lemony_snicket_fan ?
I think they have been on sale there for 4-5 months in Toys r us and Walmart. If you can't find them in the shop, ask an assistant, maybe they have sold out and they are awaiting another delivery.

Are you ever planning to make it possible to use HTML in the Adventure Generator?
Very basic HTML will eventually be added but not CSS or 'real HTML' as we don't want to have HUGE pictures or midi files bogging down everyones computers. You will be able to bold, italicize etc. just like you can on the chat boards although this won't be added for a while as we are finishing up some other projects *hint* Neoschools *hint*

On the main shops page it says..."The shops restock roughly 7 times every hour!" I counted and it only re-stocked 3 this a bug? - Richboy
Roughly seven times. It's random.

Do you think you could make it so that Spyders can be painted Pink? I know it might sound like a weird combination, seeing as pink is a happy, delicate colour and Spyders are, well.. Spyders, but I'd really like to have one! - MistyPercyTrumpkinPi
Sure, I will add it to the weekly to do list.

I know someone already asks this before but...can you please make more muntant pets! I'd say how bout a muntant uni. Since their cutsie little makeover, I think they need a change in their vain-ness. - Xmssndztdpnoyx
Haha... what about a Maraquan Uni that would be HIDEOUS!!!! Yes more mutants are planned eventually.

Will Neoquest II replace Neoquest?
Nope, it will be a completely different game. Also in case you are wondering we are still programming the last levels and working on the masses of artwork so it will be a while before it is released.

Do you think that you could make more Puntec items like puntec tea or something? That would be cool since the only other thing you can get is a rotten puntec. - Maderina1
Sure. Puntec items should be added this week.

On eBay I saw a Grundo Pocket Neopet, but you haven't said anything about them. Did the person get one early or is it a fake?
They were listed on Amazon a little early I think, that would be how that person knew about it. Yes it is real. We also have a Krawk and a Tonu Pocket Neopet coming out too.

What sort of credentials is the reader who picks the Story Telling Contest looking for?
Ok this is straight from the reader herself - Length is very important; if the section isn't long enough, the story can't progress fast enough to end on Friday evening. Your story should leave the scroll bar to the right of the text box no more than a quarter inch (AHHH I know, I don't know metric @_@' err, a centimeter?) long. Also, unique ideas are encouraged, as long as they add to the plot. Try to avoid stagnant scenes, romance, and plot tangents.

Is it true that the lab ray can't turn your pet Baby, Plushie, or Ghost? - Nyssa_243
Yes, that is true.

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Quote of the Week

"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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