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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 69 > Editorial


What is the Wish List on the catalogue? When you put something down, do you have to pay for it?
The Wish List is basically a page where you make a note of things you would like other people to buy for you as a present. You then tell these people (normally family and friends) about your list and if they are feeling generous they can buy something for you. There is no commitment with the wish list, you haven't said you will buy anything, it is just sometimes helpful if your birthday or a holiday is coming up and people are wondering what to buy for you.

I was wondering, the Snow Wars collectable Card, is that the only time it will be available? If so, as time goes on, will it become rarer and rarer?
That is the ONLY time the Snow Wars card will be available. It will not be sold in the shops or given out any other way. As for its rarity, if anyone missed the advent calendar on that day they will not have it so, yes it will increase in value over time.

What's your favorite Pop Tart flavour? (S'Mores for me, personally!)
Hmm.. I think I would have to go with strawberry.

I have a question for the editorial section: there's a Scamander Blade, Scamander Cookies, Scamander Plushie, and Scamander Shield, but how come there isn't a Scamander?
There is. It is an extremely rare desert petpet.

Why is it that on most ( if not all) of the little header banners you put periods in between words ( Like " Pet.central" and " Escape.from.Meridell.Castle")? Why not just put a single space in between them?
In all honesty spaces look really naff in the font we use, we just started using a full stop (period in the USA) so the words wouldn't join together.

I just played "Whack-A-Staff-Member" and was wondering who the little figurine in black was off to the right of the screen?
Heh.. I have no idea. We all have many dolls and figurines on our desk, that doesn't look particularly like any one. I think its just a generic doll icon.

Can you only use those new snowflakes once or once per battle?
Each snowflake can only be used once. If you throw it at an opponent, you no longer have it. It is the same as the snowballs.

Is there going to be a Meridell paintbrush or a Darigan paintbrush coming up after the war?
Ahhh... no you will just have to wait and see. It all depends what happens this week.

How come aliens stole the webcam?
Err... I don't know what you are talking about *cringe*

If the Rainbow Snowball was an Advent Calendar prize for last year, then how come it was never given out? I went to the calendar every day in December last year and other people and I never got it. Also not one is on the wizard like the other prizes from last year are.
Hmm... wierd. In that case one will definitely be given out this year, although I am not saying when.

Do you really get the items on your Wish List on Christmas? For the cataglogue thing...
Only if you tell people about your Wish List and they buy them for you (*hint* email friends and family)

Why didn't you tell us sooner that the orb was stolen from Darigan? Now I regret joining Meridell...
There is still some hope... you could change before its too late! \

What is this thingie? Please tell all of us befuddled Neopians wondering what this very strange thingie could be. Thank you so much!

It is a Cheese and Onion Baked Apple, they are available at the Health Food Shop!

I noticed you moved the petpet shop, was it to make room for a new shop?
Yes... well.. sort of... all will be revealed shortly.

I am a user on neopets,and I have just played the new game Whack a Staff Member. So... when you hit them with the mallet, are those their real voices?
Yup. We all had to sit down and record silly noises and that is what you hear when you hit us on the head.

Er.. What exactly is the christmas Pteri supposed to be? It just looks... red..
It is a robin. I have been told the US don't have the same meaning attached to robins as us brits do. Robins are very seasonal in the winter and are on about 50% of our Christmas cards. I also think the american robin is a different colour too.

Does everyone get the same exact things from the advent calendar?
Yes, each day there is the same prizes for everyone no matter what time you visit it. The only exception was Thursday night as I was changing the prizes around after midnight. That is why some people got a blue Fir and others got a Snowbunny.

Does it snow in Neopia?
In some parts yes. The Weather Forecast is only what things are like in Neopia Central. Snow falls on Terror Mountain all the time.

How come all the Drackonacks are the same? Arent any of them black or red or are they all purple?
Some may be, but at this current moment in time we have only seen purple ones.

What is the school shop for?
Its just a shop where you can buy cool stuff at the moment. It may well have a tie in to the Neoschools, although that is still being worked on.

Why don't you ever put the username of the person who sent you a question on the editorial page? I think that would be nice!
Normally (like yourself) people don't include their username with their question so we have no idea who sent it in. If you want your username to appear in future issues, just send it in along with your question.

Is the Super Hero guy on Wack a Staff Member Adam. if so, does he where that to work each day?
Ha ha, no that is Natalie 'Darrell' Portman (alias Mr. Pickles, aka El Picklesaur). Adam is the one in the blue shirt and khaki trousers and yes Adam does wear those almost every day :)

For the new Wintery Petpet shop... what is the one with the little antlers called? ITS SOOOOO CUTE!
That is a Raindorf!

What about Kaelyn? She appears in some of the plot but then she just isn't around anymore. Waaaaaa... Kaelyn is sooo cool. I love zafaras!
Be patient, you may see a lot more of her soon...

Um... I just heard a rumour and erm... not to be greedy or anything I was wondering if it is true that at the end of the war all the fighters get a NP prize?

Will Jelly world ever be completed and will Darigan become a world after the war?
Erm... well if I told you that there would be no point you checking New Features for updates. Yes we will add to Jelly world and about Darigan that all depends if it is destroyed or not.

Why are the wintery petpets no able to be used as a petpet? It only lets you put in shop or safety deposit box.
That was a bug... it has been fixed now.

when the war is over between the Meridel and Darigan, can we keep the icon on our user's look up even we dont win any single match?
Well that depends if Adam is in a good mood or not, and he just came in, slammed the door behind him and stormed off in a huff.. so I wouldn't get too hopeful.

Why does the ability Jetsam Drain say it drains ability power from the opponent, but both fighters still end up having the same amount of ability power they had before?
It was an old ability and we changed our minds on that one. It has been updated now so both the Jetsam Drain and Lupe Drain abilities do damage to opponents rather than drain power. The new ability names are Jetsam Growl and Lupe Breath.

What kind of neopet is Coltzan? Is he an ancient neopet? Is Coltzan a he or she?
Coltzan was a great Lupe king who was murdered by a treacherous usurper a long time ago. (well sometime last year)

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Quote of the Week

"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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