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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 4th day of Eating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 149 > Comics
Battle Ready...?


by meowth4

Bragging Plushies

My plushie is sooo much better than yours!

by piekaboo

Faellie Frenzy

That's one durn big tail...

by roller_coaster26

Getting Past The Snowager

Ah ha! I've got it!

by stoneman3x

Giving's Cafe

I'm never going to find the perfect waiter!

by random_joy

If You Say So

Buzzer Pie... great with some Kau Milk... wow, that wasn't funny.

by cannonsmbt

It's Never a Good Day...

Fight me! Or else I'll be forced to fight you...

by goldchocobo21

My Life with a Teenage Noobie

Careful what you wish for...

by ember188

Neopian Circumstances

Ever wonder why you lose at Tombola?

by nefily

Neopian Mysteries Solved

*claps* Fat Pet!

by mariru2000

Off Topic...

Siggy pets... scary?

by asleep_at_last

Poor Jo-Jo...

I think it's time for some cake.

by multiple_lilys

Rational Lunacy

Is it serious, Doc?

by tambourine_chimp

Really Confused

"About Being Bugged"

by stoneman3x

Rock Pool Rascals

Bashin' Bob

by leptonychotes

Sigma and Beta

Where's Alpha?

by o_zeta_o


Aw, poor Slorgs!

by kojichan92

Sloth on the Rox

My friends say I procrastinate too much...

by plushieowner

The Meerca Siblings

#4: Oggy

by comedian872001

The Pet Patrol Revolution

Happy birthday!

by neo_tomi

The Waterfly Effect

More black and white! Woohoo!

by tiggggrre

Trophy Troubles

More tea, please...

by choclated

Warphole - #3

This is my latest project, Neopets V3.

by fostic_popcorn

Zafara Tails: In The Battledome

Eew... Meuka is gross... along with some other things.

by cubie_j


All That and a Bag of Chomby Chips

I have to keep myself beautiful. My personal beauty icon is Illusen. Have you looked at her recently? How she keeps her hair so sleek and shiny, and her skin so perfect… We should all look like her. I recommend her Mud Mixture for smaller pores, and gorgeous skin. Illusen’s Cucumber Eye Cream is perfect for the morning after a big party!... more>>

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Reading Lessons
"I love to read, as you can tell." She picked up a book from the top of a stack. It was called Lovely Lennys. "This book is my absolute favorite. What's your favorite book?"

by playmobil_is_my_life

Across the Ocean
The sun's rays soon began to touch the tips of Mystery Island's trees, and the Ghost Lupe knew it was time...

by christinetran

Game Guide: Tyrannian Mini Golf
Mini golf is a bit more complicated than hitting the ball as hard as you can and crossing your fingers. A bit more complicated? I meant a lot more complicated.

by neospud2004

25 Easy Ways To Conquer Neopia
Maybe it's just me, but I get tired of seeing the same old guys trying to take over Neopia all the time...

by stoneman3x

The Case of the Wand That Wasn't: Part One
My client, a Jubjub by the name of Trixy, had left her Wand of Ultranova on a Corral Table overnight...

by tambourine_chimp

Because of a Purple Juppie Java: Part One
"It's not the rain, it's those blasted Myncis, the malfunctioning air conditioner, and the Purple Juppie Java I ordered an hour ago that still hasn't been delivered."

by arula100

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