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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Collecting, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 148 > Short Stories
Dieter's Destiny

Dieter lifted his button nose and gazed at the ceiling. He squealed and ran back a ways away just as the top of the cave collapsed in front of his feet...

by softcouch

Green Eyes

Just staring at the people who come by, making up stories thinking they have no idea that someone is thinking about them, someone they don't know. Maybe I could be their best friend if I knew them...

by shadyy15

Jack's Redemption

The little Anubis was always doing something to annoy him. He would hop up on Xenon's lap during meals and try to eat some of the food off of his plate...

by 4zure

Star of Neopia

Genee wasn't exactly different... just, not the same as everyone else. When I first created Genee, the moment my hands laid themselves upon his soft fur, a flicker of electricity shocked me...

by christinetran

The Dim Highlight of Kira's Life

"Nothing you can say could possibly ever make me happy..."

by shadih_temporary

The Silk Sisters

"Cool, I’ve been looking for a guild, I keep getting invites from all these snooty types of guilds," Luna said surveying the piles of invites lying in her trashcan.

by saneeya1000

The True Face of a Faerie: Fyora

It was an alluring sight, but it was impossible to forget the emptiness, the barren chill of something that shouldn’t be.

by draconis_minoris

To Catch a Kleptomaniac

"Listen," I said, "I need to talk to you about the stealing that’s been going on."

by kitties_kitties40

Young Faeries: Taelia

"No!" replied Taelia, startling her guardian. "I'll be fine out there Kae, really! And don't worry about not telling me earlier; I already heard about it from my friends."

by neo_star_queen


"The Silk Sisters" by saneeya1000 - "Well, my guild’s not quite what you are used to," Rita said blushing slightly.... more>>

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Whack! The Solution To All Enemies
Evil overlord getting on your nerves? Whack ‘em.

by snowfox176

Urge to Splurge: Resisting INSS
One minute you’re waltzing innocently through Neopia Central...the next, you’re forking over hundreds of Neopoints for some useless item that’s just going to collect dust...

by island_faerie10

Banny's Story: Part One
"This one is named Banny274_2004," Dr Death said with a tone of boredom, gesturing to Banny's cage. "She has a 'condition', but I'm sure you're just itching to solve it. Being the heroic owner you are."

by joey200010

Maraquan Madness: Part One
With deep set eyes, the Sea Slug glanced upwards and saw the cause of his disturbance. Flowing upon the upper waves of the sea was a boat, which rocked to and fro as the sea pushed it...

by sirussblack

Brain Freeze
The_crazy_cartoonist? More like the_lazy_cartoonist!

by the_crazy_cartoonist

The Consequences of Playing Neopets Too Much
Mmm... a tasty Babaa!

by roller_coaster26

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