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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Collecting, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 146 > Comics
A Neo-No-No

Think like a Buzzer? But isn't that not thinking at all?

by shabbathai

Addicted 2 Avatars

Ah... so that's what her mean face looks like....

by dbz_saiyan_gurl

An Avatar Collector's Nightmare...

Yeah, you're a vegetarian, and I'm the King of Dung.

by leedom111

Behind The Mask

Y'know, you could always just take it off...

by goldchocobo21

Being Evil Isn't Easy

Boochi, haven't you realized that nobody likes you?

by chibi_zoo

Coconut Parade

Have you ever wondered what would happen if coconuts went on parade? Yeah, neither have I.

by chishirou

Crestfallen Resonance

50 NP goes to whoever knows what 'Crestfallen Resonance' means.

by theunorthodox

Disturbed and Dangerous

Beware... the Meepits are coming....

by tiddle_girl

Dung Gallery

Dung Obsessions: Healty? No. Funny? Oh yeah.

by kekumbaz

Friends in High Places: The Petpet (Episode 2)

I hate smart alecky Usuls.

by kitsune43412

Lil Kougy Adventures

The Snowager is misunderstood blah blah blah...

by prettymagik

Lupe Life

Can you say 'conceited'? Because I can't.

by werewolfgirl76

Lupe Tails

Caution: there are super loud explosions in this comic.

by cannonsmbt

Mootix Drop Mishaps

That's, um... gross.

by mr_rubber_band


It's a SPECIAL rock!

by chibikatza

Neopian Circumstances

Oh, don't be such a baby. You've got a mask on!

by nefily

Never Better

Behold the glory that is peanut butter and jam....

by magdan1234


Wow. What a title.

by riimaru

Once Upon A Time...

Either Snowflake is in this comic, or one Faerie really let herself go...

by misery_chastain_69

Pets These Days

The power of watermelon? I though it was... never mind.

by cruzerchic123

Pets, Petpets, and Petpetpets!


by polemerization

Rainbow Gun

Rainbow Gun! Woohoo!

by futureshrinksme

Really Confused

"About A Prickly Situation"

by stoneman3x


Oh, come on! They're Mynci FLAVORED!

by gaverelle

Soft, But REAL Soft

Blame it on the diet, buddy.

by weeping_fly

The Fish Bowl Effect

Kyriis may be smart, but... aw, who am I kidding?

by kskdl73

The Misadventures of a Pink Lenny: This Cant Be Good

Are you dumb? Of COURSE it can't be good...

by immortalmina

The Waterfly Effect

What's black and white and filled with comics? Ok, I'm bad at this...

by tiggggrre

Why Its Great To Be Invisible

What about chocolate milk? How 'bout that for a plot twist?

by the_cowz_jacuzzi


Making Hannah Suffer

Sure, you've tried to get into the Pirate Cave Spotlight, make a really difficult yet fun cave, but it never seams to work. Well, when you want to make a cave you might want to use this handy guide in the process. From the essentials to the finishing touches, once you read this you should be able to make one awesome cave!!!... more>>

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Danger: Fire Faerie in Training
Everyone was enjoying the day except a certain Fire Faerie who needed the proper training in order to have the ability to bless pets.

by precious_katuch14

Sensational Neopian Legends: No Longer a Pirate
"You, Chuffer Bob, Pirate Extraordinaire, stand before this Committee of Pirate Conduct for what reason?"

by divagoddess1321

Mr. Cheapo's Guide To Neopian Dining
I have turned into Mr. Cheapo. I can't even bear to part with even a couple of Neopoints to feed my pets.

by stoneman3x

Can't Get No Publication?
Give your submission an overly long title. Longer than 50 characters is perfect.

by plushieowner

The Techo Mountain Excavation: Part One
"They're going to excavate that old village near Techo Mountain!" the Techo exclaimed. "And guess who they're going to have lead it!"

by resurrectedwarrior

Close Enough: Part One
"Whoa, kid, slow down a bit! Who is this London Dusk?" I asked her, with raised eyebrows. The little pet laughed, evidently thinking that I was kidding.

by potatorewkiki

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