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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 145 > Editorial


It is pretty easy and inexpensive to get a Neopet... But.... I have no idea how to get a Petpet and I heard they were expensive... So answer me this where and how much are Petpets???? - Paprincess0591
You can get Petpets from the various Petpet shops around Neopia, or from people's shops, auctions or the trading post. Some Petpets are very rare and therefore expensive, although it all depends what you are looking for. Some of the more common Petpets can be quite inexpensive, especially if you buy them from the Neopia shops. Try looking in the Petpet shop in the bazaar for some of the cheaper Petpets you can buy.

Meridell looks just like Neopia when you choose it for your Neohome. Dont you think it should look a little different? Neopia is 1000 and Meridell is 8,000, it should look a little different. - Stephienoochie
You are right, we will change this next week.

I noticed in the How to Draw section, there were a lot of pets that still have a How to Draw section for there older versions. Do you think you could update the How to Draw section to include the newer versions of pets? - Sakurastar202
Yup, we are doing this right now. There are still a few lurking around like the Wocky and Poogle but they should all be updated to their new looks shortly.

A month or so ago we were told that you were looking into an avatar for people that collect a lot of one item. We're still waiting! (lol) - Momcat233
It must have been forgotten. I wil remind our avatar queen today :)

Do you think you can make images that are plushie? See many people have plushie galleries and plushie images would work great with there gallery. - Lilly4528
Plushie fun images coming up!

Do you think there will ever be a way to "trade" avatars? - Petpet_man381
Most probably not as this would devalue the really hard to get avatars.

The Neopets ( in their normal colours ) are getting to look a little cartoonish, like the big eyes, soft edges and the classic poor ol' puppy dawg face. Can you make a pet or edit the pets that look a little tougher, like they used to be? _Allismine_
This is something we have noticed happening too. It wasn't an intentional change, and we are going to try to gradually switch back to a less over-the-top cute style.

Thank you guys so much for making a Sketch Day! Makes me want to take back every nasty letter I've ever written to the Editor! In fact, I do! Now, should we expect a Strawberry Day in the near future? - Pohatufan1
Heh, glad you liked this week's theme. Next week will be a little fruity and we have a surprise or two in store over the next month for our themed days.

Are you going to add any more Petpets to draw like the Whoot?? - Eeyoreluvr
Yup, more Petpet how to draws are on the way.

Why isn't there a weather report for the Haunted Woods? They DO have weather and everywhere else, even the Space Station (and we all know there's no weather in space), has one. Okay, Kiko Lake and Kreludor don't yet, but you see my point, I hope. - Ailurafilos
We just haven;t got round to adding one there yet. I will try to get it done later this week.

Why have you stopped doing unthemed art galleries? There have only been pet day art galleries for the past 3 weeks! I'd really like my picture to be put up, but if you're only doing themed art galleries now, I'll have to wait a whole year until Lupe Day comes back! - Ub3r_g00b3r
We have just had a lot of Pet days very close together so there haven't been many unthemed art galleries recently. I will make sure more are released soon.

The Mootix got a lot of attention (i.e. items, a day, a game, etc.). I was wondering if other petpetpets like the Moach (hint hint hint) would be getting similar attention? - Me_future
Yup, we did Veespa themed Petpet supplies this week and will be adding more for the other Petpetpets soon.

Could you PLEASE make our siggy space a bit larger? I want to make it look pretty but it won't let me because of lack of room. Dx - silverstar1219
I will forward your request to the programming dept and see what they can do :)

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Quote of the Week

"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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