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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 4th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 145 > Comics
A Librarian's Life

There's always been some tension between Nimmos and Quiggles...

by kennerman69

Brotherly Love

Jubjub, Chia...who can tell them apart nowadays?

by tinnos

Criminal Masterminds

Hey, look! We got a job!

by fireangel74135

Crystalline Neggs 2

Crystalline? That's a 50-NP word!

by sorceress_lush


I wonder if 'dummy' would have fit better...

by patjade

Fruity Salad

He's just as oblivious as he is adventurous!

by pooh_pooh_caca

Furry Tales

There's nothing worse than dust bunnies...

by thunderfennec

Get Kumuing

All about Kumu's ways...

by making93

If You Only Knew

Bored stiff!

by mindela_me

Life on Winding Wood Drive

Well, the vintage look is in style...

by joey200010

Me, Myself, and Aeikqee!

Yurbles can bite. HARD.

by kakuryn

MiXed NutZ

Don't fight... meditate instead!

by rainbow_yoshi_10

My Life

No sugar allowed.

by hillybug57

N3oW3IRD Episode 00

Evil's World, Part One.

by neekko


The name game.

by meowth4

Nonsensicle Sense


by petstotaly740


Who knew Goldies were so forgetful?

by mintiz

Really Confused

"About Naming Weapons"

by stoneman3x

Room For Two

Featuring 16 e's and 3 WHAM's.

by child_dragon

Starry Stuff

Yes, everyone, that IS a Babaa...

by marilltachiquin

Tails of the 3

True Love? Pfft!

by kalika032

The Crazy Kids

A red ball? How formidable...

by littleariel05

The Guardian Ixi #4

Hey, I guess I do smell like cookies.

by sir_draikalot

The Hoofprints

Water Faeries are actually quite salty...

by kagurawind

Us and Her

Logging out. Now.

by rinamomorei

Waitress, Waitress!

Mmm...tomato surprise...

by rainbowface94

Watch What You Eat!

If you are what you eat, then right now I'm a sandwich.

by radiclysavd

What in Neopia? -- Commercials

I want Ugga-Ugga!

by wonderweezel


"Bright Pink" by icicle__city - If Starrbel was beautiful, this Uni was breathtaking. She was perfect... more>>

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Skylark's First Day
"Room 1a, room 1b, room 1c…. this is no good!" she muttered to herself, frowning as she read the wooden signs on each identical, lemon door.

by sky___phoenix

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This is the story of how Punchbag Bob came to be…

by tambourine_chimp

The Top Ten Guiltiest Neopian Pleasures
Ah yes, don’t we all love doing things that we know is below our usual enjoyment?

by saneeya1000

50 Ways to Sneak into the Tyrannian Concert Hall
23. Repeatedly fail Jhudora’s quest until she gets so mad she kicks you off her cloud. Then hopefully you'll land in the Concert Hall.

by alialadyoftheknife

Merogan, Lupe Warrior: Part Seven
"Go back in and tell Illyne to go back down and give the order they need to get ready for battle," he whispered in her ear.

by shadyy15

Spooky Food and a Spooky Mood: Part One
Today was not a random stroll through the Haunted Woods. Jacob came here for a purpose, yet Metonot felt that it was not going to have a positive outcome.

by jacob133

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