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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 143 > Comics
A bittersweet Day

Hey, I've been painted Orange!

by leanne49

A Princely Life

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a prince? Well Chandallar can tell you!

by dreamdrawers

About a Buzz

Kass has fallen...

by caster_oil

All Ears

I blame the Gourmet Club.

by tdyans

And the Meepits Outgrabe

Always wanting the forbidden...

by kittylin

Bucky the Babaa


by simsman24000


"Test Your Strength Challenge"

by jerk_head


The secret treasure?

by patjade

Modern Neopia


by indigokitten

My Bad - Issue #1

Gym Class

by evil_6


Petpet modifications...

by meowth4


The Snowager is asleep!

by noisy_mouse

Really Confused

"About A Tyrannian Doglefox"

by stoneman3x

Room For Two

Summer Vacation - Part Five

by child_dragon

Snowy Mornings

"Hide and Seek"

by nefily

Starry Stuff

Do Not Touch!

by marilltachiquin

Us and Her

Logging out.

by rinamomorei


A game? Lead the way!

by fostic_popcorn

Why It's Great to be Invisible

No one can find you.

by the_cowz_jacuzzi


The problem with siblings...

by coolcat_ka


"A Plushie for Ella" by mrs_fluff - "Ella, dear, you shouldn't care so much about that plushie."... more>>

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The Relationship of Jhudora and Illusen
Almost as soon as she closed her eyes, a wave of memories flooded her mind, pulling her into a dream, a recollection of what happened 7 years ago…

by umbreongurl

Unsung Hero
There are unknown and unsung heroes all over the world. This is dedicated to those we don't know and to those unseen!

by laurashrub

Snowbunnies: Strange, But Still Lovable
One time, Pooshiligi was talking to Snowy in our Living Room while I was washing the dishes. I overheard (out of boredom, though). This is how their "conversation" went....

by whatever_forever126

Freaky Factory Follies!
Hidden somewhere in the dark depths of Kreludor, there is a mysterious building owned and operated by Krelufun Industries, producing toys for Neopets of all types to enjoy.

by dexanth

Darkness Binding: Part One
In a blink it came and went, vanishing into the shadow cast upon the ground by the walls of the arena.

by nomad2

Mr. Fix-It, I Presume?: Part One
I should've realized the second I laid eyes on that guy that he would bring along trouble. But one doesn't exactly expect trouble when one's busy with a customer...

by appaloosa500

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