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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Gathering, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 142 > Short Stories
A Gift For Honesty

Kiara exploded out of nowhere and took the Pant Devil down in a flying tackle. "Stasheff, whatever you're gonna do with that NP do it in a hurry! I'll hold him, just go!"

by whyte_tiger


"Uh," Kaliegh surveyed her dolls a minute, and then she pointed to one wearing a yellow outfit. "You can be her. Tyrannian Usuki. I have two of them."

by playmobil_is_my_life

From the Dust: The Rise of Lord Kass

Bringing the goblet of spiced wine to his beak, Kass closed his eyes. A hectic evening followed by a hectic morning, soon to be followed by another hectic night.

by too_kule


Lennert’s eyes opened wide. "Oh my goodness! The cookies – they’ve come alive! Oh, this is so cool!"

by buddy33774

Pirate Cave Peril

"Hello there," she said to the unfamiliar Pawkeet, who stood there blinking his eyes. "Are you lost?" After a moment she then decided it best to leave it alone, so she turned around to leave the current chamber...

by cruzerchic123

Spikes Bad Day

The mutant Korbat landed a few inches away from the pink Lenny, the Lenny that was paid by his owner to stand in the yard, which caused the Lenny to faint...

by immortalmina

Sweet Summer

My maw damp with tears, I straighten my back slightly, blinking. I mustn’t let this ruin me. Your friendship is — no, I correct myself, was — my life.

by wolfofthewoods

The High Sea Shoyru - Departure

"Well, I guess this is it. Time for you to shine, Jay," she said softly as she hugged her Shoyru. "Make us proud."

by taipeiss

The Peophin and the Weatherstone

“Come here, I mean you no harm. It is long since any living thing has spoken to me. Even your kind has forgotten my importance and fear me.”

by leimodnu

The Snowagers Cry

Naomi thought hard. "I remember white. Lots of white. Then a lot of black."

by arula100

Torn - Sirenes Story

I put my face in my paws and sobbed. I couldn’t choose. I didn’t know where my heart really lay.

by spirit_wolf72

Trinsanara of Meridell, Jurgazin of Darigan

The hero was no more, but Trinsanara was still alive and she vowed that Jeran’s death, too, would not go unavenged.

by artist_poet


Now You're Cooking!

What do you think vegetables are for besides eating? You’d probably say, "Vegetables are just food. What more can you do with them besides eat them?" I had thought that too, until someone pointed out to me that there were things useful with plain old vegetables. Vegetables are the most useful things ever to exist in Neopia. Without them, could we ever have guaranteed wins in the Battledome?... more>>

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Kreludor: A Visit To The World Of The Bizarre
Sure, this moon is clearly uncanny but there are quite a few… interesting locations that you can check out in Kreludor.

by blubblub317

BOOMs Big Bang
The company of Boom Boom Boxes has been quite successful, so what happened that made the company explode?

by sparky63428

Princess of Erodaire II: Part One
The moment I first laid eyes on Lady Vevina, I hated her with a passion. Although I knew that my father was not able to see through her sugary outerself, I knew who she truly was.

by christinetran

Forgotten Hope: Part One
"Listen, Kalina," he said, dodging another Darigan warrior, "you don't have a sword, you don't have training, and your our only hope of finding the way out. Now GO!!

by magicwelder76

Mika And Carassa Adventure
Watch out!

by azn_angel5017

What In Neopia?
#9 - Mrs. Kass

by wonderweezel

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