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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 142 > Comics
A Little Grey


by starrkitty03

Battle Duckies!!

May I have one?

by kitokage


"Rain rain, go away. Oh, wait, it did!"

by patjade

Just Plain Crazy

Big fish!

by saiyukii

Life with Sparkalar

Does it look crooked to you?

by nestly2552chi

Mika And Carassa Adventure

Watch out!

by azn_angel5017

My Life - Their Life

A Lesson on Defense

by idriltulcakelume


Step away from the Snarhook....

by chibikatza

Neopetting Zoo: Usuki At School

Some Neopets should never be Math teachers...

by psykhaotic

Neopia Avenue


by violinoutoftune

Never Better

"Deemed Worthy"

by magdan1234

Nonsensical Verbiage

Gimme a hug!

by laurensama

Oh, What Crazy Girls!

Yay, let's eat!

by arctic_camel

Plushie Madness

All work and no play... sure builds an appetite!

by theneopetsteam

Really Confused

"About A Pirate Captain"

by stoneman3x

Rhetorical Answers

Rejected game ideas!

by floofeh_one

Room For Two

Summer Vacation - Part Three

by child_dragon

Single Kyrii Handful


by meggiemufin


Huh? A Snowball with a mouth made out of stones???

by billabongchickstar

Sour Grapes

Owners are very weird.

by sioyano

The Guardian Ixi #3

What was with the water thing, anyway?

by sir_draikalot

The Joys of Neoschool

English will be easy!

by catlover554433

The Meerca Siblings

#1: The Letter

by comedian872001

The Misadventures of a Pink Lenny

Lenny's Day Off

by immortalmina

The Pet Patrol Revolution


by neo_tomi

What In Neopia?

#9 - Mrs. Kass

by wonderweezel


Saying "please" & "thank you" Also Helps...

Everyone in Neopia has had a Neopets-related question before, even you. If you think you haven't, think harder because I guarantee you have at some point. Sometime in your life, you've wondered something like, "I wonder where the Fruit Machine is?" or "I wonder how you get that cool secret avatar?". Everyone has wondered things like these!... more>>

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Lennert’s eyes opened wide. "Oh my goodness! The cookies – they’ve come alive! Oh, this is so cool!"

by buddy33774

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I put my face in my paws and sobbed. I couldn’t choose. I didn’t know where my heart really lay.

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Sure, this moon is clearly uncanny but there are quite a few… interesting locations that you can check out in Kreludor.

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BOOMs Big Bang
The company of Boom Boom Boxes has been quite successful, so what happened that made the company explode?

by sparky63428

Princess of Erodaire II: Part One
The moment I first laid eyes on Lady Vevina, I hated her with a passion. Although I knew that my father was not able to see through her sugary outerself, I knew who she truly was.

by christinetran

Forgotten Hope: Part One
"Listen, Kalina," he said, dodging another Darigan warrior, "you don't have a sword, you don't have training, and your our only hope of finding the way out. Now GO!!

by magicwelder76

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