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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 122 > Editorial


When you to set your time zone in Plushie Tycoon it'll say your time in that location but it says your factory runs from 9am-5pm NST. Do I have to wait longer to get the factory started because where I live 9am NST is 12am? - Marcoroman
When you first start Plushie Tycoon, you will have to wait a day for everything to update and start running. After that it should run 9am-5pm your time.

In Neoquest 2 will we be able to see the items we get? - Arcticfox14
Not really. As you get higher level armour, your characters' pictures will change to display the new armour, but you will not be able to see the items you collect as you play.

Does "Lenny Conundrum" ring any bells? - Xx_zidane_xx
Heh, yes it does, but we have been super busy with the holidays, a secret project and the TCG expansions. We should be back to normal shortly.

Can you please give us prizes if we beat a battledome challenger a certain amount of times? Like if we beat the Pant Devil 40 times, we get a Pant Devil toy. - Spy_girl22
That is an interesting idea, we would have to make sure it only happened once per account, but it is possible. I will talk to the Battledome programmers about it.

Is there such thing as a faerie voice activated Usul toy? - Sakuramashimaro
There is an Usul available, but not a Faerie Usul.

All RP boards are open to everyone, but what if we want to have an RP with just our neofriends? Could you make it so that we can have private RP's that only people we invite can come to? - Clikit_girl
Hmm... I will have to talk to the monitors about that one, it could be done, but it may cause a lot of problems.

I wondered if Neopets would be coming in any other languages? If so, could Korean be one of them? - Stained_steel_rose
Yes, Neopets is currently available in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Just choose your language from the drop down selector in the yellow bar.

What is Gammon Dinner? It was an Advent Calendar prize. - Princess90428
A gammon dinner is absolutely gorgeous. It is something that is incredibly common in England, tradionally you get a large slice of gammon, peas and chips or a jacket potato. I have no idea why you cant seem to get gammon in the US, pigs are the same shape so you would think there would be the same cuts of meat from them!

Are the voices that say 'ow' or other random stuff when you hit someone in Whack-a-Staff-Member actually your guy's real voices? - Simmy_cass
Yes they are!

On new Features, you guys said there is a new petpet. What is it and how do you get it? - Slifey66
It is called a Flowper and is on sale in the normal Petpet shop.

I was wondering how Neopets handles people having multiple caves. I won a Cave Spotlight, and want to host a new cave, but at the same time I don't want my award winning cave to leave the Neopets site. At the moment I am hosting my new map through a friends account. Would it be possible for Neopets to host spotlight winning caves? It would be really helpful :) - Irish_spirit
At the moment you can only have one cave, although we are planning to allow people to have up to 10. You will be able to delete old caves that you no longer want anymore so 10 should be plenty for everyone.

Is Lupe pronounced "Loopay" or "Loop," and is Mynci pronouunced "Minsee" or "Meenkee?" - Skinx_rule
You can see and hear all the different pronunciations for the pet names on the Pronunciations page.

Could we be expecting some new cooking pot petpets? I could just imagine a faellie/ona cross :) - Dinoalley_beta

Could you please PLEASE make a how-to-draw section for the Flizzardo? I want to learn to draw him, but I need some help! - Zemiq
No problem, a Flizzardo how to draw should be released some time next week.

Is there any way to tell what levels of Hannah and the Pirate Caves you have already found the gems in? - Link_the_thief
Not currently but you should be able to soon.

Is this a goof? In Potato Counter there were 1881 potatoes! - Deepu284
Ha ha, no that is just a little joke Adam added when he wrote the game. It happens very rarely.

Do you know if anyone (outside of Neopets staff) has ever gotten a Neopets related tattoo? I was thinking of getting one... a Mootix maybe? What do you think? - Apanve1
I know someone got a Scorchio and sent in a picture of it, but I haven't heard of anyone else having one. Think really carefully before you decide to get a tattoo, it is something that could hurt a lot to have done, takes a while to heal and you will then be walking around with a Mootix on you for the rest of your life.

I just read the merchandise news & it said that Neopet merchandise are coming to Borders! Does that include the Borders in Singapore? - Hendrahacker
It is just Borders stores in the USA for now, but who knows, if we do well we could end up worldwide.

What is a Fire Scarab and what does it look like? - The_seventh_sleeper
A Fire Scarab is a Battledome item that melts Snowballs. It is a very powerful and rare item to get hold of.

Which month will the war be in 2004? - Catherineyip
Late January/early February. So not long now :D

I was wondering if computer drawn pictures have more of a chance of getting into the art gallery? - Zeemaku
No, there is no advantage to creating your image on the computer as opposed to drawing it. We mostly take into account the quality of the picture and how much time/effort went into it.

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