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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 7th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 120 > Editorial


Note - A lot of people were saying they were having problems with Hannah and the Pirate Caves of Doom...
Please use this Form to give full details about what type of computer you have, what operating system you are using and exactly what the error you found was. - Thanks :)

Will you be posting a list of the items that were given away at the advent calendar? - Neo_love85
Well we don't normally do this, but once the Advent Calendar is over, I don't see why we can't.

In a fight between an equally strong Noil and an equally strong Gruslen, who do you think would win? - Jhastyl
Ooh a Gruslen, they have tusks you know!

I got a chocolate ghostkersword from the Advent calender the other day, and it said that it was battle magic, and it was also chocolate, but I can't feed it to my pet or equip it! - _Crazzy_monkeey_
That would be Adam's idea of a joke. I will nag him to find out what he wants to do with it though, as you should at least be able to feed it to your Neopets.

You could say please you know :) Actually if you keep checking New Features this week, you may get your wish.

Why can't you use the word pass word on Neopets? - Jofetgert
Several less than nice people used to try and trick new players into giving away their account password on the message boards. By not being able to post the word password it cuts down on this and reminds people that they shouldn't give out their passwords to anyone whenever they try to type it in.

I was just wondering...why is almost everything 1 pound or heavier? I cards are 1 pound....cakes are 1 lb...plants are 1 lb, BALLOONS are 1 lb. Haw are they supposed to stay in the air? Could we please not have our poor pets hauling around 1 lb stamps? - Stormychaos
Or you could look at it another way, everything that is listed as 1lb in weight is a pound in weight or lighter. We just don't want to get all silly and start using grams :)

Is it true that you get better stuff in the morning? 'Cause I went over White Ona for the description, and it said it was given out in advent year 5! I went every day though. Then people said it was in the morning! - Neointhematrixiskool
That was a one off thing. Occasionally we do change the prizes the Advent Calendar gives out at different times of the day. Whether something is better than the previous prize or not is really up to the individual who recieved it. There will be more variety with the Advent Calendar prizes later on in the month, but it really is just luck of the draw what you get. Its all free, so you should be pleased with anything you get.

Are there ever any petpets in the wintery petpet shop? - Risstay1992
All the Wintery Petpets are pretty rare so are hard to get hold of. They do stock in the Wintery Petpet shop, but as it is the winter season, demand for them is very high and they sell out almost as fast as they go in.

My sister has a baby vampire, but she can't find one anywhere else. Where did they all go? - Koolgirl856
Baby Vampires were turned into another Spooky Petpet, although I can't remember which one. If your sister takes her Baby Vampire out of her shop or off her pet the species will be updated to the new version.

I loved the Feepit that the Advent Calendar gave out on the 11th. It would be wonderful if we could look forward to some more cute petpets from the calendar later on in the month. *hinthint* - Melissa47150
There won't be any more Petpets given away this year, but there are a lot of very cool new items that are planned. You shouldn't be disappointed :)

What is the REAL purpose of the neodeck. - Mmbg_1
To show off how many cards you have collected to your friends.

I just bought the 2nd Edition of the Neopets Magazine. It shows a list of items given out during the Advent Calendar for 2002. On December 22nd it shows neopets giving out the Seasonal Stamp. This never happened, is this a goof? There is not a single Seasonal Stamp in neopia. I know as I have looked almost everyday since then. I really would like to find out please. - Ntense
Heh, yes its a goof. This is something we found out AFTER the magazine when to print. The stamp should have been given out last year but for whatever reason it wasn't. Never fear, it WILL be released this year!

Is Adam`s Hannah and The Pirate Caves level even POSSIBLE? I've tried many times, and gotten what I believe to be half way through, but the next step seems impossible. I was just wondering if the level was beatable. - Ropify
It is, but it is fiendishly hard. I have seen Adam finish it, but he died a LOT of times before he made it.

What type of petept is the snotbunny? I mean if a snowbunny is a wintery petpet, is a snotbunny halloween? or just a regular petpet? - Dragonfia
It is just a regular Petpet, available in the normal Petpet shop.

Is there any way to find out what paintbrush is worth more? I need to find what's worth more: Desert PB or Faerie? - Candy9290
Yes, your best bet is to look at what other people are selling them for in the trading post and auctions.

In the question about the new pet you said "Who knows, maybe we will even add a couple :)" DO you mean like a boyfriend and girlfriend Neopet? or do you mean you will add more then one Neopet? - Loveshams2003
More than one species.

On wocky day you didn't release any school items... - Jassi301
We try not to add exactly the same type of things for each pet day, otherwise that would be dull. Wockies still got a lot of things, so Wocky owners should be happy.

I was wondering what happened to all of the Twisted Roses items? You said that you could get them in the news but they are nowhere to be found! - Popgirlrox
You get given a random piece of Twisted Roses merchandise whenever you see them in concert.

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Quote of the Week

"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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