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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 7th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 117 > Editorial


I don't want to waste 350k, so could you please answer my question? What does a Magical Red Starry Slushie do? I think it turns your neopet starry and red, but I'm still not quite sure... - Pawprint81
It doesn't do anything. It is just a very hard to get hold of Slushie. It isn't magical at all, in fact I am not even sure why it has the word magical in its name.


Does the Techo Master on Mystery Island ever ask for red codestones? - Demonicsuperhero
No, the red codestones are for something completely different which is currently being tested.

Is the next pet thats coming out going to be rare or common? - Tarish211
Sorry I know you don't want to hear this but its going to be... rare!

Is it true that Neopets will be deleted in 2004?! I saw this on a neo-help site and was wondering if it was true! - Roxyvalie
Ha ha! No, not at all. That help site was telling porkies.

Does the dark faerie have long hair or short hair? In the "How to draw" section, she has short hair. But, in the TCG mat and the coloring pages, she has long hair. Which is it? - Kymprincess
There isn't one dark faerie, there are thousands and they all have different hair and personalities. The dark faerie on the TCG mat is Jhudora, but she is just one dark faerie.

When you suspend someone in a guild does the suspension last for a certain amount of time? If so, How long? - Aar_nfg
I think it lasts forever or until you decide not to suspend them anymore.

Do you have a certain numbers of items? Like, if you feed a pet a chocolate negg, is another one produced somewhere? Or are items produced over and over regardless of how many there already are? - _Mandabug_
There is no set number of each item, but their rarity really affects how many there are in a game. If an item is rare it is less likely to be stocked in a shop, or may even only be given out as a prize for a certain game or quest.

Will you ever do a real plushie out of the Meowclops and add them into stores? - Ladyylvali
Yes, they are planned for next year and they should look awesome!

The book 'The Magic Paw', please tell us the species of the pet whose paw is shown on the front cover (who I assume is the one called 'Frika' in the description. For us collectors, this is very important information. - Cybunny_rules_ok
It is an Acara's paw.

What kind of neopet is Edna? - Nixnux336
Edna is a Zafara, all be it a rather ugly one.

Can we take out the TCG cards out of our TCG album? - Dolphin787058
You should be able to yes, as far as I know only stamps can't be taken out of their albums. (That is unless Adam has changed something recently).

I live in the UK, England and for christmas, I would love some packets of Neopets Trading Cards (the real life ones) Problem is, nobody knows where to get them from. So where do I get them from and are they out in the UK already, if not, will they be out for christmas - Cutechick889988
I get a lot of questions about where our various merchandise will be stocked, so this is as much as we know for now. If you country isn't listed, I am afraid there probably isn't anything going on sale there in the next few months. We are trying to get more stuff available, but we have only just started selling merchandise so it will take a little while.

The magazine isn't planned to go out of North America currently. It has to be a success here first before we can go overseas *crosses fingers*

The Pocket Neopets and Board Games should be available in North America, the UK, Australia and Singapore.

Most of our plushies, including the super cute mini petpets are only available in North America

The voice activated plushies and toys should be in North America and the UK.

I am not 100% certain where the TCG cards are going to be sold, but I will try and find out for the next editorial. They are in the USA and Singapore for certain and I would guess they are in most English speaking countries that have a Toys R Us although I will have to double check on that one.

Who is the new guy that shows up in Whack A Staff Member (11 pts) - and does he really laugh like that? - Wyldefyres
That is Orkboss and yes he REALLY does laugh like that.

When will the other side of Neopia be opened? - Pepsigal77
You will have to wait until next summer I am afraid, but we do have a REALLY good plot lined up for it.

Could you please try to include a hot lunch program in the neoschools? Not everyone can get lunchboxes. - Samdisk123
Point noted :)

Is it possible that you could Tell me what Essence Of Everlasting Apple does? Does it come back? - Exandria
The essence either heals your Neopet back up to maximum hit points or it heals them 250 hit points. It is one use, so no it does not come back.

What's "Pirate Caves of Doom" - Thyme9999
It is a new game that will be released shortly. The star is a female Usul in case you are wondering and it is a lot of fun to play.

I got a Mootix and was wondering why you can't equip them, my cousin said it was a random event and they had to hop on, would you consider changing this, or maybe just adding being able to equip a Mootix and other petpetpets? - Swordslashers815
Your cousin is right. Adam is being a meanie and he doesn't want to make it easier to equip petpetpets.

The Disco Aisha Plushie released in Singapore is continuously rubbished by US eBay sellers as being poor quality. I got my Disco Aisha from a Singapore eBayer before reading all these complaints then realised my Aisha doesn't have Neopets embroidered on her foot. As an Aussie at the mercy of getting my plushie fix on ebay, should I be concerned that my Aisha is fake? Are Singapore Neopets items really of lesser quality than US ones ? - Darwinbaby
The Disco Aisha that was released in Singapore is the same Disco Aisha that was released in the US. They are both very high quality pieces. Oddly enough the Neopets logo was omitted from the Disco Aishas (yes ALL the Disco Aishas) which makes them even more valuable as it is the only 'official' Neopets plushie in the market place without the embroidered logo.

I'm Special!

Someone told me that when your petpet's level goes up, when you talk to it, it starts saying real things to you. is this true? - Shop_of_horrors
No, that is incorrect. Petpets do not change what they say no matter what level they are.

You said that on November 15 Neopets would be running for 4 years. But wasn't last year the end of year 4? Gohan11967
Yes it was. Neopets was launched on November the 15th 1999. That is not when the Neopian year starts, it was when the site first went live. In January of 2000 Neopia entered year 2 and so on. The year is currently year five, but Neopets has only been launched for four years.

Who is Siyana of Talador? I know she's a really pretty faerie, and has something to do with The Darkest Faerie. Please tell more! - Thunderpuss36
I know you are going to hate me and say Adam always tells you everything, but I honestly can't tell you anymore about this one, a lot of people would kill me if I did.

Are you ever going to consider telling us what the retired items are? I'd like to know, for one thing. - Lighting_score
No, this would make things all too simple :)

Is the Baby Pteri supposed to a egg? - Totoro_rules
Yes it is.

Why is there a lake in the middle of the Lost Desert? - Pickle_snowcones
It is an oasis.

When is Adam going to do the editorial again? He was awesome at it! - Sneakerpeeker4568
Wahh!!! You will be pleased to know that Adam will be doing the next week's editorial as I will be on a plane heading to Singapore.

How can I translate the neopets website into japanese or chinese? - Cuteaznpochacco33333
If you look in the yellow bar at the side of the webpage you will see a drop down list above the words Select Language. If you choose the language you wish to see the site in and press go, the site will be in that language. Note, not all of the site will be translated, but teh vast majority will be.

Can you please give us a hint on what Biplane Fighting is going to be? Is it going to be like two of your pets are able to fight at the same time? - Limpbizkitkid13
The Biplane fighting game will be an exciting dogfight above the skies of Meridell. Two flying contraptions take to the skies and shoot it out to see who's the best.

I noticed a TON of new characters from the TCG that are as of now not in the Neopedia. - Peachyh
Yes, we are starting work on them now.

Will we have a war in 2004? - Jrjrwoof
Ooh yes, and it will be a BIG one!!!

I'm totally paranoid of having Boochi zap my pet. If he zaps my pet, will they turn into a Baby Pteri? Or the Baby form of what they are? Like if he zaps my Draik, will he turn into a Baby Draik? Or baby Pteri? And what if your pet CAN'T become a baby? Like a Krawk? By the way, you should make a Baby Krawk! EVERYBODY wants one! - Levihorse
Boochi will only turn your active pet into a baby version of the species it currently is. If there isn't a baby version, Boochi won't do anything to any of your pets. I know people want a baby Krawk, people want a baby everything, but they just can't have it :)

I happened to come upon this image of a Faerie Grundo Plushie ( Do you know when you are going to release this? - Sealison444
This will be on sale in Borders (the book shop) throughout the US at the beginning of December.

Can the advent calender start in November? - Artmania38
Nope, I am afraid it is a Neopian tradition. The advent calendar will always start on the first day of Celebrating and last until the end of the month. It does update at 12 midnight NST though, which means you guys who are in different time zones will get to see everything before the USA wakes up.

I just bought a Faerie Kougra Pillow at Limited Too you haven't post it on the news. - Crwj
The pillows (which are very cool by the way) aren't supposed to go on sale until next week. I guess the store you went to put them out a little early.

If you play say Warf Rescue, and its the day you get double nps, does that mean if you get 1000nps just for actually playing the game since thats the limit, do you get 2000nps when its doubled? - Pretty_pet_pets
The maximum points you can get is still 1000, but its a lot easier to do it.

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"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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