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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 7th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 115 > Editorial
I reserved The Darkest Faerie, Adam and it said it was coming out March of 2004 where does 2005 come in?

You shouldn't have been able to reserve it, as we never actually finalised the release date at all. Oh well, I guess some of our retailers are just a bit quick off the mark. The game is being totally redone (plot, characters, graphics, music) and will be released in 2005 instead. Sorry about this, but we had to make the choice of annoying people by releasing an inferior game, or annoying people by making them wait... it's hard to please everybody.

It will be worth the wait however :)

When is YULLIELAND coming out?

Most probably next week. It's a fun little puzzle game.

*faints* Will there be more then one neopets console game?!

Yes, we are working on more than one at this moment.

When can we see the other side of Neopia?

When Talador is released. It is the continent on the other side of the globe.

Could u make a avatar for people with alot of stuff in their safe deposit box?

Sure, I can do that :)

When will maraqua come back?

It is currently being rebuilt, but it's a very slow process... look out for more things being added to the map over the coming months.

Are you guys going to add on another world to the "Neopets Universe" so it can include all the mini-worlds and stuff!! It'd be cool if there were more planets!! Cooolll!

Neopia has a moon - called Kreludor. What a silly name! We plan to add that to the map when it is released.

What will the next plot thing be?

The Darigan Citadel has a new leader (see below) now that the former ruler has been banished. He seems to be building an army... meanwhile there have been reports of cattle vanishing during the night in Meridell. More will be revealed in January 2004.

Will people ever really get a Wand of Supernova from the advent calendar without the pant devil stealing it?

Would you want every single person on the site to have a Wand of Supernova?

Will Krawks ever be easy to get?

No, I don't think I ever want to make them easy to get. It would annoy all the current owners a great deal!

Why did the prices for the wheels of chance basically go up in price? it used to be a 100np for the wheel of excitement and 50np for the one in the haunted woods and wheel of mediocrity. Now its almost double. How come?

We closely monitor how many Neopoints are given away from all the 'daily activities' on the site, especially the freebies. If we notice that one activity in particular is giving away too many Neopoints, or too many rare items, then we will usually boost the cost of playing it. Although it's nice to have freebies given away on the site, if we gave away too much, or made it too easy to get Neopoints then other activities such as the Flash games would lose popularity.

So, yes, those wheels were giving away too much relative to the other activities on the site.

Is the next pet really going to be bear-like?


What does the Neopets Expansion Deck have in it? already has it available to buy, but there is no item description or picture. I want to go ahead and buy, but I just wanted to make sure there was totally new stuff in it first....

Hehe, well I'm not sure what I'm really allowed to say about it. I will say that it contains all new cards, all new art, a whole load more villains and heroes, a huge new plot line that will be mirrored on the site, and a new type of card - Locations. You play them in an arena, and the behaviour of play in that arena is modified in some way. They are green :)

What I will say is that General Kass has been working very hard in the Darigan Citadel now that Lord Darigan has been banished. He seems to be trying to get people to vote for him as their new ruler...

How bout a halloween paintbrush plushie t-shirt collectable card?

That would just be silly!

Will our inventories ever get to hold more than 50 items?

I guess so... the limitation is currently there because the database gets full and slows the site down. We are moving to a new database soon so I guess I could increase the limit then.

I was wondering if the neopets card game will ever be played online

There are currently no plans to develop an online version of the game, but who knows...

Why isnt there a link to ur TCG Album on our user lookups?

I was just concerned that by swamping people with too much Neopian Merchandise it was detracting from the flavour of the site. It's too easy to lose touch with fantasy when products are being put in your face every couple of seconds. I know as a site we do have to make money and stuff, but I don't want to give the impression we have 'sold out'. I guess I can put a poll on the front page about it!

Why is ur amount of NP so high in the about us page?

Because I have lots of Neopoints.

Will we ever be able to have 5 pets?

I don't have any plans to increase the number of pets you can have to 5 at the moment. They wouldn't fit on the quick ref page anyway!

When will the next Neopet be released?

By next summer the total amount of Neopet species available should have hit the 50 mark.

About the Snorkle TC, it says that if you discard a food item, your Snorkle gets +3 to all stats. However, it doesn't say these increases are only until the end of the turn. But if they are not, that Snorkle could soon wipe out the opposing Neopet, especially if on the next turn, your opponent disgards ANOTHER food item and another to really beef up the Snorkle.

No, this is just for the duration of the contest, it would be totally unfair otherwise, the game dominated by 300-foot killer Snorkles. Effects that persist from round to round usually require some sort of 'counters' to keep track, and we don't have any cards that do that yet.

Why can't we take items out of auction if no one has bid on them?

That's a very good question. I think I'm going to allow you to do that, possibly on Monday.

Will we ever need to pay for Neopets?

We will always be funded by our merchandise, and the sponsors you see on the site. We have absolutely no plans to ever charge for the site, or to make money from advertising that detracts from playing the site (such as pop-up ads). We really appreciate you supporting us by buying real-world Neopets stuff :)

Hi Adam, I have 2 TCG redemption codes but when I put them in, its says that they are wrong

Have you made sure that you aren't putting O instead of 0 or 1 instead of I - that is a common mistake! Other than that, I'm not sure... did anybody else input the code for you?

Will there ever be neopets TCG tournaments and prizes?

That one is up to Wizards, but I assume if there is enough interest that, yes, there will be. Nothing has been finalised yet.

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Quote of the Week

"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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