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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 8th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 90 > Editorial


Is there going to be anything more about The Grey Faerie? Or an event including her? - Lennyfreak
Yes, you will be hearing more about grey faeries soon although I cannot tell you anything else...

Why can't we withdraw our pets from the Mystery Island training school?
The training school on Mystery Island is slightly harder than the Swashbuckling Academy. The master expects total dedication from his students so giving up on a course is not an option.

Where can I get a Snowickle? - Waterangel295
Snowickles are sold in the Wintery Petpets shop in Snowy Valley. They are *super rare* though so do not expect to see one every time you go there.

I was wondering, since the Turmaculus has returned we might see a Turmickle? ( you know kinda like Snowager/Snowickle) That would be the CUTEST thing in Neopia! - Shabby_Chic19
We already have a petpet that looks amazingly like the Turmaculus, the Turmac. I wonder if there is any connection...

Are you going to redo the Mutant Grundo with all the rest of the Grundos? - Kninjabob?
This is something we are still thinking about. It will get updated but I think it will most likely stay along the lines that it is now rather than become more like the other mutant pets.

At there are no limited pets in the list. Is it with a reason or just forgotten?
People were becoming very disappointed if they were sent an email from a friend telling them to adopt a Cybunny or other limited edition pet only to find they couldnt get hold of one when they came to the site. We removed the limited edition pets from the drop down list so this wouldnt happen.

Why is King Skarl still grumpy if his kingdom was rebuilt? - Southafrica340?
I guess he is just EXTREMELY hard to please!

Hi, On May 6th at about 4:00 cnt time I painted my Kougra starry. It was before Neopets news said they had such a thing. I like to say my Kougra was the first starry Kougra.I dont really know Is there a way you can tell me if i was or is there no way to tell? - Kougred?
We do not know what pet is the first to be painted with any colour, but as you painted yours before we added it to the news page I think you are definitely a proud owner of at least one of the first few Starry Kougras even if its not actually the first.

Would you consider putting an undo move button on the destruct o match game?? I am a real big klutz and often mess up...only to lose the game. I think that an undo move button would be great on that game!?
Hehe no. That would make it far to easy. It is supposed to be challenging, if we added an undo button where would the fun of realising you just messed up be :)

When you enter the gallery spotlight, do you need to enter every week, or just once and your in? - Lubyla
For the gallery and the petpet spotlights you will need to send in your entries every week. The pet and site spotlights are run slightly differently and it is fine to enter once every couple of weeks.

Can I enter a few different captions to the Caption Contest??
Yes, if you honestly cant decide which of your captions is the best it is fine to enter more than one.

I am unsure weather I am allowed to talk about religion (in a non-offensive way of course) on chat or in neomails. - Dwarf_kings?
You can see a full list of the chat and neomail rules here. There is also a link to this from the top of the Neochat page.

I was wondering if you are going to add more stuff to win on the Wheel of Excitement? If you are than when will you do it?
Hmm... I will take a look at the current prizes and see if there is something we can change to make the prizes more varied later on in the week.

I noticed on the world page that it lists Neoquest 2. However this was up 7 months ago when I was joining. When is it actually going to come online so people can play it? - Black516dragon
The first part of Neoquest 2 is in beta testing. This is a HUGE project and will take a bit longer to perfect but we assure you it will be worth the wait :)

Has anyone actually won a million neopoints from Coltzan's Shrine?
Yes, I believe a couple of people have although it is extremely rare.

Is neomail readable to the staff like message boards?
Yes, our site monitors check neomails, noticeboards and any other place you can post messages on the site.

In the editorial section of Week 89, You Wrote that "Krawks are still sold in the Tyrannian petpet shop" Why is the Fungus Cave on Krawk Island if a krawk petpet is a Tyrannian petpet? - Philippotter123
Ahh... there is a Neopedia Article that explains this.

Is it true that there is a bowl of jellybeans in every room in your building?
Ha ha, yes pretty much...

When is Ixi day, and is it possible to know these days ahead of time?
You can see all the pet days and other special events by checking the Neopian Calendar. You can find this on the world page.

Why doesn't half price day apply in the Hidden Tower?
Fyora thinks her items are far too special for discounts.

Need more help?
If you have a question that you think should be answered here, e-mail it to The most common/bizarre questions will appear here next week.

Quote of the Week

"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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