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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Collecting, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 148 > Editorial


Could you please tell me how to collect avatars!!! - Catlover933645
There are many fan sites out there with pages devoted to the avatar collecting craze. To start collecting, you just need to get one or two avatars. Try playing different games and exploring the site. You can be awarded avatars for doing the strangest things, so just try anything :)

Since Tuskaninny Day is coming up shortly, can you please make at least one Tuskaninny Fun Image? I looked through all of them and I don't think there are any. - Hippoprincessneo1793
Yes, of course. Tuskaninny Day will be celebrated on Monday, so check New Features then to find out what new Tuskaninny themed things have been added.

You made a Kass Avatar after someone requested one... Can you make one for Kass supporters? An avatar after the game Whack-a-Kass is hardly supportive of Kass... - Lildibbun
Hehe, you don't think Kass fans like hitting their idol on the head? Ok, a new avatar is coming up!

I just love gnomes! Could you maybe make a gnome shopkeeper and blog so gnome lovers like me can make cool galleries?? Thanks! - Magisterflumen
Eeep! Gnomes are scary... Ok, I will see what gnome things I can think of :)

How about a "Dungeon Maker" and "Dungeon of the Week" for Escape From Meridell Castle? :) - Electric_dragon14
I am not sure if this can be done, but it is a great suggestion. If we can do it, we will!

Can you please also list the username of the winners of PPL? It'll be nice to see who won. - Snowcat737373
The only problem is there would be hundreds and hundreds of usernames and it isnt really fair to just pick three or four to mention.

How come Dragona moved on to the 2nd round with 2-2, while Astralberry and Dj Skellington who also had 2-2 didn't move on? - Snorlax2ooo
After a very long (and very painful) debate about how to settle the tie situation we took into account how many wins and losses the players each had been beaten by had accumulated, to give each of the three tied for 8th place a ranking. Dragona had the highest score as a result, so she has gone through into the second round.

Whatever happened to the Rainbow Dung? Was it a Myth or did you guys just not release it? I was REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!!!!!! But i guess you guys arent going to release it :( - xlimex
Oh it is released... Look here is a picture of it!

Can Neohomes have windows in them? I don't know if they can. Please let me know. - Lorienfish
Ooh, you know I am not sure they can... Maybe we should do something about that :)

Do you plan to ever release any new Neoboard titles? I get tired of always being a Proud Nerd, I was hoping to find one relating to jazz... - ponytastar
This was a very popular request this week. We haven't added any new titles for a while, so I will see what we can do about releasing some new ones next week. I will make sure a jazz one is involved.

Every day we steal from the Snowager, the least we can do give the Snowager a day to celebrate it - Neotheone26
Too true! Give the poor ice dragon a break!

I'm sure all the shadow pets are feeling very deprived right now because there are only *crazy stare* !2! shadow plushies!!!!!!!*crowd faints* I know its just so awful it just must have slipped ur glance......maybe you could add some shadow neopet plushies....esepecially a lupe one.....the shadow pets and I would be eternally grateful........... - Rannoch2000
Only 2? Really? Wow! I will get this fixed!

PT hasn't started up yet for this month. Could you set it up for this month? Thanks. - Apollo_lunar
Looks like Poptart needs to get angry at Greg-the-very-angry-programmer then... Plushie Tycoon should have started on the 1st, I will find out what happened and get it back up and running ASAP.

I can't find any Bony Grarrl Clubs in trade, shop and auction. Where are they? Is it retired? - Lamedskiller
They are on sale in the Defence Magic Shop. They are the same rarity as most species specific items, so they will only stock in the shop rarely. Try looking in other player's shops or on the Trading Post or Auctions for them.

Faellie Day was wonderful! I loved the awesome stuff you guys came out with to celebrate it with! The only thing I would like to say is although the faellie avatar is adorable its a little disappointing for all us faellie owners out there. The real faellie lovers that bought their faellies before the price neared 400K that have had their petpet equiped for some time are (myself included :p) quite disappointed. Having a petpet avatar is like a reward to those deticated to the pet to own one not for the avatar but for the love of the petpet! So I ask you, not to remove the mutant faellie avatar, but please, could you create another faellie avatar for the owners out there that deserve to be known on the chat boards as a true faellie lover! - Grinch101
Glad you liked it :) I see your point about the avatar. The last thing we want people to do is feel they need to get rid of their Faellies just to get the avatar. I will see what we can do.

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Quote of the Week

"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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