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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 142 > Editorial


How do you make the person whose visiting your shop see their name? (I tried #vistor, like in your pet's page) - Dogmaniac35
Ohh, I am not sure you can like that. It would be good to add though, I will try to get that added shortly.

Can we PLEASE have some more kitchen related items for our Neohomes. Currently we have no ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, washing machines, toasters, kettles...Ok so you get the idea. Thank you :) - Faerietyelianea
Yes, in fact there is a new furniture shop coming out soon and they should have lots of cool looking kitchen stuff to choose from.

The Yurbles page reads: If you are interested in finding out more about anything in Neopia (including Yurbles), the Neopedia is a good place to start. How are we suppose to find out more about the species if it hasn't been added to the Neopedia yet? - Lord_shadow_knight
Heh, give us a chance :) We have only just launched the Yurble. There will be neopedias about Yurbles added soon.

I really like the new neopet, but I heard there might be some more Neopets, is this true? - Sophie1994puppy
Yes, there are two new Neopets (other than the Yurble) planned for this year and there may even be some more.

I really like the Yurble. ( I want a brown one..hint hint..) Please make some morphing potions and magical plushies soon. I'm also trying the lab ray hates me... - Smudgeoffudge
Magical plushies and morphing potions will be released next week. If you have four Neopets, don't panic. You will be able to transform one of your existing Neopets into a Yurble shortly.

I have a Kiko, and I was looking through the Neopian Times archive and the Storytelling Contest- and I found that whenever there's a villain, there's either an aquatic pet or a Buzz to be found. Kiko are especially biased against- "a sinister looking Kiko," "the Kiko bully snatched the little Hasee from the poor Lupe." Why do people hate Kikos? And another thing- why aren't there more Aisha, Lupe, and Shoyru villains? MAKE A SHOYRU VILLAIN! Eyries and Acaras also deserve a bit of recogniton. Poot- from the U. U. V. N. P.(the Union of Underappreciated and Villiaized NeoPets) - Pootwootroot
Wow, I had never noticed this. I will pass this on to our Story Telling department who will make sure Kikos and Buzzes get a fair deal.

What is TCG? I been here a while and still can't figure it out. - Whybother04
It stands for Trading Card Game. Basically it is a game you play using trading cards, but the rules vary depending on the specific game.

Why is there a ton of green apples in the Smugglers Cove? - Mick_di
I guess lots of crates of apples must have washed up on the shore :)

How do you get the Werelupe Sage TCG promo card? It is listed on the wizards of the coast's officall Neopets TCG promo card page. I can't seem to find how to get it... I have checked all the promotions already. - Hallfoe1107
That card was only given away in one issue of the Official Neopets Magazine.

Why didn't Yurbles get free training on Yurble day? - Mark199221
Heh, honestly we forgot. Now people have a chance to own one, we will give out free training at some point this week.

I love the new pet, the Yurble! When are you going to make it have colours? - Neoghost7575
We will start adding new colours this week, although it will be a while before the Yurble has as many options as all the other Neopets.

Is the Attack Pea real? If it is, can all Neopets hold it? - Sarrowartemisd
Yes, and yes. Any Neopet can use an Attack Pea, but they are very hard to get hold of.

I don't think there are enough cheese related items on the sight I mean sure you got Cheese but to apreciate the true wonder (that cheese is) You must go further Cheese beanbag chairs, Cheese toys, Battle cheese block! and someday maybye the almighty cheese paint brush!(Starts Drooling) P.S Do you think I'm obsessed? - Doogie4
We did have a whole day themed around cheese not that long ago. I agree though, cheese is amazing! We need more cheesy goodness on Neopets!

Am I the only one? Or did you not give out the Meridell war prizes yet, as I have not recieved mine... P.S. I bought a Mcdonalds happy meal and got a Starry Lupe, it looks really spiffy. - Eel_nonnahs
Glad you liked the plushie. No, we haven't given out the prizes yet. I will give Adam a nudge so it gets done this week.

When is Yurble day? - Travisg2006
May the 28th. It is also marked on the Calendar.

Are the Mini Neopet Plushies going to be in McDonalds' in Canada? If so, when are they coming? - Princess_zelda_22
Yes, they are. I believe they are already out. If not they should be there very soon.

Erm... Why are grey Pfish... SMILING?? - mollypuppydog77
Because we made a mistake... this will be fixed shortly.

Who takes the Neocam pictures? Some are dark. - Leeannswager
There isn't a person taking the Neocam pictures, it is a webcam that is always on. When the pictures are dark, that means the office is dark.

Is it just me...or does Warf Rescue Team appear on the Featured game more than ANY other game?? - Peijay
No, it may seem like that, but every game that appears as a Featured Game has an equal chance to appear.

Can you have another Grundo Concert? I know many people weren't there, and they could have another chance trying to be there. What's the joy of having something only once? - Party_pooper11
Oh yes. Gründo will be playing many gigs throughout the year. We only announced their first gig, but thay will be playing every month.

Hi, Since neopets has soo much tea items why don't you make crumpets or biscuits? *hint* *hint* - Lova_babe207
We don't have crumpets and biscuits already? I am sure we do, but I will add some more in shortly.

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"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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