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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 81 > Continuing Series > The Next Guardians: Part Four

The Next Guardians: Part Four

by horsegirl4231

Untitled Document The news had leaked to Neopia. Owners who didn't dare stay in the Real World stayed in Neopia, waiting for the news to come of invasion. It was another scary day as Lacey and her pets waited... Waited for nothing.

     Suddenly, as Tylali checked the Neomail on the computer, she let out a squeal of excitement.

     "LETTER FROM FYORA!" said Tylali, smiling. "LETTER FROM FYORA!!!"

     All five of the other pets crowded around her. Lacey ran in, too; acting just as hopeful as them.

     "Dear Horsegirl4231,

     "I request your presence at the Hidden Tower. I know you know the way. Bring all six of your pets. Be haste, and tell no one.


     Everyone stared at the screen. No one knew what to say. Wraith's eyes clouded over, and he folded his arms and looked down. Lilly looked happy at the news of a journey to Faerieland, but still very saddened by the recent news.

     "Maybe she has some answers of why Sloth knew you," said Arrowtak, looking at his owner. She didn't reply.

     "We gotta leave now!" said Kita, trying to smile.

     Before they knew it, they were all flying straight up to Faerieland. Lacey held onto Airiea's Eyrie mane as Arrowtak held around his owner's waist. He was complaining the entire trip up. Lilly held Kita in her arms with Tylali helping her. Wraith, for some reason, hadn't come with them. He had said he'd find his own way up there.

     "Ow!" said Arrowtak, as Airiea hit a gust of wind. "Ow! Hey! You know, Lupes are NOT supposed to sit on the back of Eyries!" he shouted.

     "Quit complaining, you baby!" said Tylali, shaking her head.

     "Now I'M the baby?!" he yelled back.

     "Guys!" shouted Kita, pointing. "We're here!"

     And indeed they were. They had reached the other side of the clouds. It was a beautiful sight - Faerieland sparkled with the sun and the drops of dew on the clouds.

     They flew to Faerie City. Lacey looked hard for the Hidden Tower, and finally saw it - the sun didn't shine at that one place near the Palace.

     All of them landed there, and entered the now-visible tower.

     Fyora walked up to them as they entered the place where people buy things. She greeted them herself, and smiled.

     "We've waited so long for the five of you!" she said to the pets. Suddenly, they saw someone behind her. It was Wraith, his arms folded.

     "There is so much to explain and so little time... Follow me," she said.

     Fyora walked down a hallway, and the pets followed. We were there for what seemed like hours, the finally reached a room. All of the Uber Faeries were there, and a special throne for Fyora sat in the middle of the room. It reminded them all of King Skarl's throne in Meridell, except more regal.

     "Why did you call us?" asked Airiea to Fyora, looking at her hard.

     "I'll get to that in a minute. But first," she said. "There is something of utmost urgency happening, and you must understand!"

     Everyone sat down on the floor. Although marble, it wasn't cold.

     "A long time ago, Neopia was thrown off-balance with the destruction of the Guardians of Magic," said Fyora, as all the Uber Faeries watched her.

     "There was a tale of how five new Guardians would appear, but they wouldn't come to power until the greatest peril. Well, you all are the Guardians of Magic."

     Everyone stared. Arrowtak's mouth dropped. Kita looked around with a confused look on her face. Tylali started crying, and Lilly gasped. But Airiea didn't speak, but shouted the impossibility of it in her mind.

     "Oh, come on!" she said, a hopeful tone in her voice. "We're just normal pets!"

     "Are you?" asked Wraith, looking at them.

     "Yes!" said Airiea. "Nothing miraculous has happened! I mean... Yesterday, when all this happened... It was our first year of all being together! Now you're calling us the Guardians..."

     "The tale said that the Guardians wouldn't receive their powers until all five had been together for a year," said Fyora, smiling.

     "But..." said Airiea.

     "And if I'm correct," said Fyora, looking a different direction. "The Shock used her powers?"

     All the pets turned and saw the Lenny, Ms. Margoreth, smiling at them.

     If they hadn't been overwhelmed then, they were now.

     "Yes," said Margoreth. "KitaiMyou did."

     "How?!" cried Kita, looking at Margoreth.

     The Lenny blushed. "Well... As you are the Guardians, and not normal pets, neither am I."

     She looked at them and smiled. "I am Margoreth, the same Lenny who was a teacher in NeoQuest times. I was positioned by Fyora as a teacher in these times so as to watch over the Guardians of Magic."

     Everyone stared.

     "And as long as we're talking about who we really are," said Wraith. "I might as well tell you that I was sent by Fyora to protect you. I knew that the Guardians' time was coming. I was sent to protect, for I am an Angel."

     No one spoke.

     "So... I'm?" asked Arrowtak, confused.

     "The Guardian of Fire Magic," said Margoreth. "I thought I hinted that to you yesterday?"

     Arrowtak blushed.

     "Me?" asked Tylali, excited.

     "Ice," replied Margoreth.

     "Me?" asked Airiea.


     "You're joking!" replied Airiea.

     "What about me?" asked Lilly.

     "You are Spectral," answered Margoreth.

     "And I'm Shock?" asked Kita.

     Margoreth and Fyora nodded.

     "We wouldn't have called you here if we didn't think something was terribly wrong," said Fyora. "It seems an ancient artifact has been stolen. No.. Not the Universal Gateway stone. Sloth has that, but he has something else too. Something even more important."

     No one spoke.

     "Jahbal had a Staff. It was very powerful. It was made to capture the Guardians of Magic. The orb positioned on top of it, it would contain them... contain you... and he could control your powers. It is imprisonment of the worst kind."

     Suddenly, Tylali started to cry again.

     "I don't want to die!" she said, hysterical. "I just want to go home and play with my plushies..."

     Nereid the Water Faerie walked up to her.

     "It will be alright," said Nereid, smiling warmly. "You're the Guardians of Magic. You're just as strong as us."

     Tylali smiled.

     "What about this Staff?" asked Arrowtak.

     "Jahbal used it to try and capture the Guardians. He succeeded, but they managed to break free somehow. In his attempts, he killed them. If Sloth captures you, all of Neopia and the Real World will be doomed."

     "So, what do we do?" asked Lilly.

     "You go and try to close Sloth's gate in the sky," said Fyora. "Lacey, your Key, please."

     Lacey took off the Magic Key, and handed it to Fyora slowly. Fyora, in one quick motion, knocked the red stone out of place, and replaced it with a blue one. She handed it back to the owner.

     "It will be up to you to close the gate," she said to the human. "And you," she said to the pets. "You will have to fight Sloth. Don't worry... all should go as planned."

To be continued...

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