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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 8th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 81 > Continuing Series > Of War and Amulets: Part Two

Of War and Amulets: Part Two

by yellowyoshi749

Untitled Document The next morning Jade said her goodbyes and headed up towards Terror Mountain to say goodbye to everyone, as they knew who she was. As Jade made her way up the steep mountain, Kiata was rushing down.

     Jade had stopped to admire the view when Kiata ran into her.

     "Hey! watch where you're going!" Jade yelled as she fell to the ground. Her necklace slipped over her head and fell into the snow. She began to dig, looking for it.

     Kiata shot her a glare while she looked for the two amulets she had dropped. When Kiata had hold of two chains she snatched them up and slipped them over her neck. Jade did likewise once she also had hold of a chain.

     They both went their separate directions, Kiata going up and Jade going down.


Kiata was pacing her room, angry that she had lost the gold half of the precious amulet. The only thing she could think about was how angry Orlan would be at her and the mocking, sneering face of Shokiba.

     Shokiba was also a Shoyru but she was the general of the Shadow Army. She was also second-in-command to Orlan. Shokiba was a gold Shoyru. She had been painted gold because of her high status. Kiata was silver only because she had been general of the Shadow Army at one point, not second-in-command, however. That was until Shokiba had come along. She had taken over the army and become second-in-command.

     Kiata paced her room, becoming nervous, "If I don't find the gold half soon Orlan will have my head... he'll paint me starry... or worse... red..."

     Colour determined the ranks in the Shadow Army. The colour of one's fur determined one's rank. Lost Desert, gold, and silver were the three highest, while green, blue, and red were the lowest. The rest of the colours were in between. The system was extremely complicated and hardly any Neopet could remember what rank they were. But one thing was for sure, Lost Desert was highest, being the lord of the army and red was lowest, being a new soldier or being degraded. Most of the army was made of Shoyru's but there was a variety, which meant that the colours Shoyru's couldn't be painted in would fall at a certain rank in the army as well.

     Kiata thought back to through the day and then stopped pacing the room, "The jade coloured Shoyru! We ran into each other and..." she ran to the desk and grabbed the necklace Jade had been wearing before the collision. She thought back and realized whom she was dealing with. "That was Jadestone, female Shoyru who had felled Captain Thrice and saved forty-eight slaves. She must have the gold half, the half which contains more magic than the silver half! I know what I must do now..."

     She ran through the room, gathering items and garments. She wished she could call back Lea but he was probably miles away. Kiata piled everything on the trunk at the foot of her bed and sat down. "I'll follow her tomorrow morning..." she muttered and with that she turned off the light and blew out the candle, shrouding her in complete darkness.


That same night Jade had departed from Happy Valley, carrying her sword and the amulet. Only an hour before she had discovered that she had the wrong amulet. She kept replaying the scene in her head...

     Jade had made her way back to Shayena and Floent's house to say goodbye. She had pulled the amulet from around her neck and discovered that it was the wrong one. She had turned it over in her hand and saw ancient writing on it. To one who couldn't read the ancient tongue it read:

Tarwny Kra Allumen Ameenon,

Zar Aerin Sutanay Zenn...

But to Jade it read:

When two amulets combined,

The Light stands tall...

     "It cuts off," she had mused. She had run the rest of the way to Shayena's to show her and Floent.

     When she had gotten there she had shown her two friends. "I can't read it Jade!" Floent said and stared hard at it, "But I can tell you that this is the gold half of the amulet from Sakhmet, the one that Queen Latine had owned thousands of years ago."

     Jade had nodded, remembering stories from when she was young. She had taken back the amulet and said her goodbyes. Upon doing so she had left, flying off for Faerie Land...

     She hovered in the air, shaking her head. She had only gone a few miles and according to her calculations Faerie Land was still two or three leagues away, even by air.

     She missed her two companions dearly as she stared at the sea below her. She would always remember the two, Shayena and Floent, the blue and green Scorchios.

     Jade sighed; it was going to be a long night.


Kiata was on a good start the next morning, or until she discovered Jade had left by night.

     "Silly Shoyru!" she growled. Kiata was running around Happy Valley and Terror Mountain searching for someone who could tell her where the Shoyru had gone. She soon spotted an elder and ran up to him.

     "Hello master, has thee any idea as to where the Shoyru Jadestone has gone?" she asked in the Medieval tongue.

     The elder looked up. "She is traveling to Faerie Land, why I do not know," he said.

     Kiata nodded in thanks and bolted. She ran for the south side of Happy Valley, her pack bouncing on her back. She threw her hood over her head and spread her wings, taking flight into the dawning sky.


Jade had flown all night. She had flown almost a league but not quite. Just before dawn, about an hour or so before, Jade had landed on one of the many islands in the center of the Neopian Ocean. Before she had hidden herself in a tree, she had looked around in all directions. Far to the east she could see the very faint outlines of ships coming from Mystery Island and Krawk Island. To the north lay Tyrannia and Happy Valley. To the west the Haunted Woods and the Lost Desert. Far into the sky clouds were bunched together to form the foundations of Faerie Land.

     She shook her head and climbed into the tree. Jade got comfortable and drifted into an uneasy sleep.

To be continued...

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