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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 80 > Continuing Series > The WereLupe Files Case 1: The Beginning Part Three

The WereLupe Files Case 1: The Beginning Part Three

by neojolteon2

Untitled Document I couldn't think. How? Why? When? These and more questions jumped into my mind. Then my paw began to shake. Was I transforming now?

     "No, its just nerves," I said trying to stay calm. There had to be a cure somehow.

     Just then I heard the door open. I closed the program and sat there. In walked Maylas with some groceries.

     "Colbolt! What are you doing home?" he asked surprised. Some groceries spilled out of the bags.

     "Uhh... closed early. No more stock," I lied.

     "Okay then. You can help me with the groceries," he said. I got up off the chair shakily and grabbed a bag. We went to the kitchen and sat them down on the table. Then we began to put them away.

     "Maylas. If I tell you something important, will you not laugh and take me seriously?" I asked while putting away some cans. I took notice it was already the afternoon. I began to worry.

     "Sure. Go ahead and ask," he responded.

     "Well... you see... I'm the WereLupe," I said. He turned and stared at me for awhile. Then he snorted.

     "Yeah right! You're just trying to get me back for the clock prank,." he said not believing.

     "No! Its true! I'll probably change tonight!" I protested.

     "Colbolt, I'm not dim-witted. I'm not going to fall for it," he said.

     I was getting angry. "Fine then. I'll prove it tonight,." I said.

     I paced about the living room uncertain while Maylas sat in front of the TV eating some chips. I watched as the sun began to set behind the trees.

     "Maylas, you've gotta believe me. I'm the WereLupe," I tried to convince him.

     Maylas turned off the TV and turned to me.

     "I'll believe it when I see it," he said smartly.

     "But if I don't get locked up something I may hurt... some... one..." I began to feel a pain in my stomach.

     The sun was out of sight. I felt a pain in my paws and saw white claws coming out. I felt my body enlarging and my muscles bulging. My ears became longer and I could hear better. My two front canine teeth grew longer becoming fangs. The rest of my teeth becoming sharper. My fur began to change from an orange to a dark brown and a light brown on my stomach. My paws became clawed fingers and I was able to stand upon two feet. My eyes turned from an amber to a fierce green. My senses enhanced beyond that of a regular Lupe. My tail thickened. My muscles were done expanding. I could control myself as I laid there. I looked up and Maylas and saw the shock in his face. I growled at him then howled.

     "C-Colbolt?" Maylas said scared.

     I growled again and began to circle him. He stood there paralyzed by fear. Then he took off with me after him. I lunged at him but he was able to dodge it and I went crashing into the coffee table. I got back up and chased him again. He ran into the kitchen and threw pots at me that I easily batted away. He ran back into the living room with me behind him. Suddenly, Maylas tripped over the broken coffee table. I slowed my pace and easily walked up to him growling. I was hungry and wanted his blood. I licked my fangs as I slowly approached.

     "Colbolt! Don't!" Maylas began to back away but he backed into a corner. I licked my fangs again as I approached. Part 6

     "Colbolt! Please get control of yourself! I'm your brother!" Maylas cried out. But I couldn't get control of myself. I stood over him now ready to send my killing blow. Maylas covered his head with his arm waiting for the deadly blow. I saw a tear come down his cheek. I forced myself as hard as I could to stop myself. Suddenly, I gained control of myself again. I lowered my arm and realized how much of a monster I had become. I backed away from Maylas and ran into another corner so I wouldn't have to see him. He looked for me and found me in the corner. He had the guts to walk over.

     "Please Maylas, get away before I hurt you," I said. My voice was deep and growly. I was ashamed of myself.

     "Colbolt, don't worry. You're in control now," he said. I looked up at him.

     "But I don't know for how long." I told him.

     Just then, Moon_Light_Howler came running in.

     "I heard some commotion over hear and-" she stopped when she saw me.

     "By the Faeries..." she trailed off. Maylas ran over to her.

     "Don't worry, its Colbolt. He won't hurt us," Maylas explained.

     Moon slowly and cautiously walked over to me with Maylas behind her. I tried to make myself as small as I could in the corner.

     "Colbolt?" she asked.

     I sadly and slowly nodded my head yes.

     "Oh wow," she said in awe.

     "Don't worry Colbolt, we'll get you back to normal." Maylas said trying to cheer me up.

     "How?" I growled. Maylas went over to the computer and connected to the Internet. He went to a search engine and look up "WereLupes".

     "Here we go." He went to a WereLupe site. After a few clicks, he came to a WereLupe info page.

     "It says here that WereLupes may change any time they want being day or night by their own will. But on full moon nights they have no choice. During the day, the WereLupe side is noticeable in the victim. The cause to becoming a WereLupe, also known as Lupecanthropy, can be hereditary, a curse, or being bitten."

     I looked at my bulging, brown furred arm where I was bitten.

     "WereLupes are powerful creatures that have senses doubled of that of a regular Lupe. They are stealthy and smart. They will kill without a second thought-"

     "Okay, lets stop there Maylas," Moon said.

     "Wait. It says here the only reported WereLupe was in 1954 when Sinac Supul, a Lupe, transformed, attacked ten Neopets. He was never seen again and there still is a 'shoot on site' warrant." Maylas read. This didn't make me feel better.

     Then I heard someone coming into the house.

     "Someone's coming," I said.

To be continued...

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