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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 79 > Continuing Series > The WereLupe Files Case 1: The Beginning Part Two

The WereLupe Files Case 1: The Beginning Part Two

by neojolteon2

Untitled Document

When I got to the store, huffing and puffing, I found the city clock said 8:30 a.m.

     "Maylas," I growled angrily. I went to the back to at least see the latest stock had arrived.

     I opened the back door and put the boxes inside. Then I began unpacking and setting everything up. Most of my stuff was Lupe items. Plushies, battle items, stickers, books, you name it I had it. So off course I mostly got Lupe customers.

     I opened the shop a little early and sat behind the cash register reading a Heroes of Neopia comic. Then the bell rang over my door and I looked up. In walked Moon Light Howler, a starry Lupe. She was a constant customer and a good friend.

     "Opened a little early huh Colbolt?" she said.

     "Another one of Maylas's pranks," I growled irritated.

     "Don't worry, I know how little brothers can be," Moon said.

     "What did Khellendros do now?" I asked.

     "Khell! Come in here!" Moon called.

     "But you said to stay out so I wouldn't break anything!" a voice called from outside.

     "Just come in here!" Moon called.

     Khell walked in. Khell was a Faerie Gelert. Moon claimed he got the short end of the stick in the family for brains. And I had to agree. I noticed he had a patch on his eye.

     "What did you do to him? Get mad enough and punched him?" I asked.

     "I poked myself in the eye,." Khell said proudly. Moon rolled her eyes.

     "He got in a fight with himself looking in the mirror. He challenged himself to a battle and tried to cheat by poking the other him in the eye. Unfortunately, he was stupid enough to poke himself," Moon explained.

     "Oh yeah, just wait until tonight. I'm planning a sneak attack that other me won't expect," Khell snickered.

     "I'll make sure to have an ambulance ready," Moon said.

     "Yeah, you better. He's going to be pretty beaten up," Khell gloated.

     Moon slapped her paw to her face and dragged it down. "It's going to be one long night," she groaned.

     "So, was your house broken into last night?" I asked changing the subject before Khell had more ideas to beat himself up.

     "No, but I heard about the WereLupe I thought they were only myths," Moon said.

     "They are. Its just someone dressed in a WereLupe costume." I replied.

     "Ooooo... What does this do?" Khell was at a Lupe Chia bomb and lit it.

     "No!" I quickly ran over and grabbed the Chia bomb. I ran out the door and threw it as far as I could. I watched it go and land in a Chia pillow factory. In a few seconds, the factory exploded and feathers scattered the air.

     "Oops," Khell said. I gasped.

     "I hope they don't trace that to me," I said.

     "Khell, I think we should go now," Moon Light grabbed Khell and dragged him off. I sighed and went back into my shop.

     The rest of the day I didn't get many customers. I guess the fear of a WereLupe scared everyone. I close up my shop and went home. I reminded my self to give Maylas a beating when I got home for the cruel trick this morning.

     When I got home, I found a note on the table from Maylas saying he was with some friends and would be home late. I sighed a decided to drop the punishment. It was getting late and I wanted to go to bed.

     Slowly, I trudged into my still ruined room. After tomorrow at least I could get to work on it. I climbed into bed, covered up, and went to sleep.

     In my dream, I was running through some woods. I was hyped up. Everything was bright even though it was night. I was hungry and hunting. Then I heard voices. I peeked around a tree to see a red Uni and a yellow Usual walking and talking. I licked my muzzle and leaped out at them. They scream-then I woke up to my alarm buzzing. I slammed my paw down on the buzzer. I rubbed my head and licked my lips. I felt like I hadn't gotten any sleep. I got out of bed and trudged all four of my paws out of my room and to the bathroom to wash up. I turned on the water and splashed cold water on my face to wake me up. I looked into the mirror to see my amber eyes were blood shot. I sighed then left the bathroom and went back to my room to get a pair of sunglasses. I didn't want to look bad for work. I went to the kitchen next for breakfast. Maylas was there eating cereal.

     "Geesh Colbolt, you look like you've been through heck," he said.

     "Didn't get a good bit of sleep," I said lazily as I poured myself a bowl of cereal and sat down. I was so tired I didn't even notice I was eating with a fork instead of a spoon. Maylas stared at me.

     "Aren't you supposed to be at work?" he asked. I looked at the clock and smiled.

     "Oh no you don't. You're not going to trick me again," I said and looked at my watch. I got wide eyed. He was right! I quickly ran out the door late again.

     I was a few minutes late for work but no one was waiting at least. I unlocked the door and went in through the front. I sat behind the cash register and pulled out a book.

     It wasn't until the afternoon when I heard it. I had already sold a few plushies, weapons, and books. It was a good day. But then Snachizzi came in. She was another friend. She came in with a newspaper and up to me.

     "Hey Colbolt," she said.

     "Hey Snachizzi," I said tiredly. There were two Lupe pups in the store still looking at plushies.

     "Did you read the paper yet?" Snachizzi asked.

     "No. Now what happened?" I asked.

     "They caught a picture of the WereLupe," she said excitedly. I took the paper and on the front page was a picture of the WereLupe Its green eyes, dark brown fur, fangs, and strength made it look scary. Yet there was something familiar about it. The two pups came up to the counter with a red and yellow Lupe plushie matching themselves. They paid the Neopoints and left giggling and playing with their new toys.

     "Snachizzi, do you mind if I borrow this?" I asked.

     "No, I'm done with it," she said.

     "Thanks," I replied putting under the desk.

     "Well, I gotta go. I promised Moon_Light_Howler to take care of Khellendros. See ya!" And she left.

     Once she was out of sight, I quickly pulled back out the newspaper, closed the shop, and ran home.

     I crept in the door making sure Maylas wasn't home. The house was empty. I always wondered what he did when I was gone. I threw off the idea and went to the computer in the office room. I put the WereLupe picture in the scanner and scanned it. I then displayed a program with the scanned picture. Then I started a filter and specified it. This was the important part. I clicked and made the filter begin. The picture slowly began to create a new picture. My heart was in my throat. Then it was complete. I stared at it dumbfounded. I couldn't believe it. There, on the picture, was me. I was the WereLupe

To be continued...

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