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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 28th day of Storing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 79 > Continuing Series > The M & M Detective Agency And The Warf Of The Chaskervilles: Part Three

The M & M Detective Agency And The Warf Of The Chaskervilles: Part Three

by battlesunn

Untitled Document

Marvin took an immediate dislike to Thomas. He was far too over confident, he spoke with an air of one who was saying, "I don't know what they'd do without me in this blooming world", and his smile was so.. Eurgh! It sickened Marvin to the stomach just thinking about him.

     Mark, on the other hoof, seemed to think that Thomas was the greatest thing since sliced omelette. He was constantly trotting along at The Lupe's paws, looking like a second, small, white, Moehog shaped shadow. (Which of course looks nothing remotely like the shadow of a large, blue Lupe). Mark trotted up to Thomas, grinning toothily.

     "Hey Mr. Tewilliger! How'd you get so big and strong?" he asked, eyes sparkling.

     Thomas laughed and said, "Why, green vegetables and homework, young hog! Oh, and call me Tom. It's so much friendlier."

     Marvin was momentarily confused by a disturbing grinding sound coming from nearby before realizing that it was his teeth grinding together in anger and frustration. The brown Moehog strutted casually up the two of them, doing his best to look cool, as he pretended to examine his magnifying glass in the sunlight.

     "Oh. Hey guys," he said coolly. "Hope I'm not interrupting anything," he said icily, glaring pointedly at Mark.

     Mark sighed sadly and looked up at Thomas. "See you Tom, I got to go hang with my older brother."

     Thomas smiled. "I understand. I'll see you later, Mark!" Thomas called over his shoulder as he took off for the mansion.

     Marvin snorted at Mark. "Why are hanging around with the dumb Lupe? You've got me for company."

     Mark narrowed his eyes. "Yeesh Marvin, I was just saying high to a new friend! Besides, I have a right to know him. He's our co-worker on this case."

     Marvin pawed at the ground angrily. "He is not our co-worker! He's a third wheel, that's all he is. And another thing, I--"

     Marvin's rant was interrupted by Mr. Chaskerville, who was standing on one of the balconies on the mansion, leaning over and waving at the two detectives.

     "Hello down there! You two should come inside and get some sleep. After all, you're going to be up all night, tracking down Fuzzy. I've got two spare bedrooms for you Moehogs, they're quite comfortable."

     Marvin rolled his eyes as he grabbed Mark by his hoof and began pulling him over to the mansion.

     "Come on, Mark." He mumbled, keeping his eyes on the front door.

     Mark surprised him by pulling his hoof away angrily. "I can walk there myself, I don't need you to hold my hoof. I'm not a little hoglet anymore," he snapped.

     Marvin stood back, shocked and appalled at Mark's outburst. They had always been buddies, looking out for each other and playing together. So why were they suddenly fighting and pulling apart?

     Before he could apologize, Mark had stormed off, kicking up dust with each step. Marvin sighed deeply before trudging slowly after him.


It was six PM, NST. The sky had just begun to turn dark and the marshes were slowly being covered by a dense fog. The moon was out, though, providing enough light to see properly. Marvin and Mark hadn't spoken to each other since their fight earlier in the day, though Mark was chatting up a storm with Thomas, who seemed to be making a vain attempt to include Marvin in the conversation.

     "So Tom," Mark said, anxiously searching for a subject. "Did you see that Zurroball match the other day? Crazy stuff, huh?"

     Thomas cleared his throat uncertainly. "Er, I'm more of a Gormball fan myself... Oh, Marvin! What do you think? D'you prefer Zurroball or Gormball?" he asked, glancing over at the brown Moehog.

     Marvin gave him the cold shoulder. "Actually, Mr. Tewilliger, I don't care much for sports."

     Mark was about to butt in when Mr. Chaskerville cleared his throat and called for everyone's attention.

     "Alright everyone, I know we're anxious to get going here..." he glanced at Marvin and Mark. "...But before you set out I'd just like to warn your of something. Fuzzy, while small and pink, is extremely dangerous. If he bites you, than you could turn into a WereLupe..." he looked at Thomas. "Or a mutant Moehog," he turned his gaze to Marvin and Mark. "Please, just be careful. And if you find him, than spray him with this stuff." He held up a spray bottle of light blue liquid. "It's an antidote that my top scientists have been working and perfecting on since we became aware of Fuzzy's condition."

     Mr. Chaskerville stared at the moon, a perfect, bright globe in the royal blue ad purple sky. "Above all," he whispered. "Be careful."

     Thomas, Marvin and Mark set out into the marshlands, Thomas with his nose to the ground, trying to pick up Fuzzy's sent. Marvin checked the trees for fragments of fur, while Mark examined the moist, muddy ground for tracks. Finally, Marvin called a halt to the search. He looked at Thomas and Mark.

     "I think that we should split up," he began.

     "I'm on Tom's team." Mark said instantly.

     Thomas glanced around uneasily. "Maybe you two should go together."

     "Good thinking." Marvin said quickly, grabbing Mark by the arm and pulling him toward the east direction. "We'll go this way."

     Thomas nodded. "Very well then, I shall carry onward, West."

     With that, the three detectives separated and began to travel deep down into the dark gloomy Marshlands where the infamous Warf of the Chaskervilles lurked....

To be continued...

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