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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 79 > Continuing Series > The Ultimate Time Twisters Adventure: Part Three

The Ultimate Time Twisters Adventure: Part Three

by too_kule

Untitled Document The sun rose creating a beautiful sparkling sight on the clouds that dotted the perfect blue sky... of course none of this was visible because of the millions of black Zumagorn blocking out the sky. The grass was covered in Black Roses. Hundreds of black Mortogs and black Hopsos scurried around, attacking any unsuspecting Petpet close to them. Neopets from all over the globe were being warned to stay inside. Poisonous purple gas that had engulfed only some of the air was deadly to breathe in. It all made going outside fatal. Terror was in everyone's hearts. No TV stations or radio stations were broadcasting. The Neopian Times had stopped circulating. It was scary.

     Inside of a little NeoHome seven occupants were waking up. Four lived there while three were just visiting. All of the things that were happening outside were apart of the prophecy. During the night the final part of the prophecy was fulfilled.

     "YUCK!" cried Chakeebo. He had just turned on the faucet to see murky green water coming out.

     "What is it?" asked Junior G walking up.

     "It's this gooey green water... I dare you to drink some!" cried Chakeebo holding the glass up to Junior G's nose.

     "Nobody is going to drink this," said Kyohara walking in. She dumped the green water down the drain and threw the glass into the garbage.

     "Kyohara's right. Drinking this water is lethal. It's the final part of the prophecy, remember?" said Yoigo as he and all of the others walked into the kitchen.

     "If that's happened, does that mean your rings are... gone?" questioned Methalius.

     "Um... I forgot to check!" cried Millyum.

     "Me too," said Yoigo, Deracko and Chakeebo at the same time. They all ran to their bedrooms to check. They all saw the same surprising thing.

     "Mine's still here," said Deracko as he walked back into the kitchen holding his ring.

     "Mine too," said Milyum as she walked in with her ring as well.

     "I have mine here," said Yoigo as he showed the others his ring.

     "Mine's here too... except it isn't," said Chakeebo. Everyone looked over to see what he meant. He held up the same silver ring he always had.

     "It doesn't look any different to me...of course I haven't been able to see it much," said Kyohara bitterly.

     "It looks the same, but I had a scratch on the side when I brushed up against a wall. The scratch is gone." He held up the ring so everyone could see no scratch.

     "Yeah, now that I think about it my ring has never looked this shiny," said Millyum.

     "I had a little sticky spot on it form when I dropped mine into a jar of jelly," said Deracko.

     "Then we should test them out," said Yoigo. He knocked down one of the chairs and then pointed his ring at it.


     A beam of light was shot out of the ring and hit the chair. The chair sat itself up again.

     "I'm confused," said Junior G.

     "Me too," said Chakeebo. He, as well as everyone else looked at Methalius.

     "Why is everyone looking at me like that?" asked Methalius.

     "Aren't you supposed to be the mastermind criminal? Fill us in!" said Millyum.

     "Fine. My best guess would be the Mage or whoever stole the real rings but gave you copies. The reason he gave you copies is because he's full of himself and he wants to have a little fun. He wants you to find him and then he'll destroy you," said Methalius. Everyone just stared in amazement at him. "What? When you've been in this business long enough, you tend to pick up a thing or two."

     "Okay, so I'd say our best bet would be to head for this hidden castle in the south Yoigo's book mentioned. Where is that?" asked Deracko.

     "According to my book it says it's in the southern polar cap of Neopia," said Yoigo.

     "Then that's where we're going to go!" said a voice coming from nowhere. The gang looked around and saw nothing.

     "What was that?" asked Junior G.

     "This place is haunted!" cried Kyohara.

     "Not exactly," said another hidden voice. Suddenly a starry Korbat and a rainbow Draik appeared out of nowhere.

     "AHHHH!" yelled everyone.

     "No no, calm down," said the Draik.

     "How did you get in here?" asked Millyum.

     "My name is Bortyk, and this is my friend Tasuara," said the Draik.

     "Who cares about your names! How did you get in here?" demanded Yoigo.

     "Using this…" The Korbat showed the others a red ring on her tail. It was made of solid ruby.

     "Then are you--"

     "Yes. We are also Time Twisters," said the Draik.

     "I got it! When we opened the door yesterday you two snuck in! You and your Korbat friend have been spying on us!" exclaimed Deracko.

     "One, my name is not 'Korbat friend', it's Tasuara. Second, we don't like to call it spying. We wanted to collect information to see if you're friend or foe. We know you're friends, even you," she said pointing at Methalius, Junior G and Kyohara who took that as an insult.

     "Listen, we're only helping them so we'll have a Neopia to dominate," said Methalius.

     "Whatever," said Bortyk "We need all of the help we can get. We heard you're going to the hidden castle in the south. We'd like to accompany you."

     "Great! But there's bad stuff outside, how can sneak past?" asked Chakeebo.

     "When you touch the one who's using a ring, you can use their power. Just grab onto my shoulder while I'm using the ring and you'll be invisible. Try it!" Everyone managed to squeeze in and managed to lay one hand (or wing or paw) on Tasuara's shoulder. She brought the magical red ring close to her mouth and she spoke into it.


     The group suddenly 'disappeared from the fabric of time' as the book said. They were like ghosts, they could even go through walls.

     "If we're like this, then the gas won't affect us," said Bortyk.

     "Now what? Do we really have to go out there?" asked Millyum. She pointed outside where the Zumagorn, Mortogs, Hopsos, poison gas, poison water and all of those Black Roses. In their hearts they knew they didn't want to go but they had to.

     "Nobody get lost and always travel in a straight line so we won't get separated. We can't see each other so we're going to have to work hard," said Tasuara. They all walked through the kitchen wall and out of the NeoHome


The gang walked together for what felt like hours. They knew they were going to pass through the Haunted Woods. They could feel everything slowly get creepier.

     "I really don't want to go through the Haunted Woods. What do you think?" asked Chakeebo. No answer came back. "Hello? Deracko? Millyum? Yoigo? Anybody else?" he asked. He had slowly walked too far to the left. Pretty soon the inevitable happened.

     "WOAH!" he yelled. He had walked straight off of a cliff and fell into the water below! No splash came because he had no physical body. He fell down and landed on the ground below. Dark green water surrounded him. It was all poison, but of course he could still survive in it. He couldn't fly so he couldn't get out of the water. He was relatively calm until it hit him: As soon as Tasuara turned off the invisibility... his life would come to an end.

To be continued...

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