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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 79 > Continuing Series > The Zafara Assassin 3: Eternal Dreams Part Two

The Zafara Assassin 3: Eternal Dreams Part Two

by meratocat

Untitled Document Slowly I opened my eyes, and then quickly shut them at the bright sunlight. "Don't even think so, you're getting up!" said Elecwator prying open my eye with his paws. "You almost got yourself taken over by that Peophin spirit you big dunce, and if Zana hadn't jumped in with her sword, you would have been nothing but a lost spirit within seconds!"

     "What?" I said confused, for the whole experience was fuzzy.

     "You don't remember!" Zana said walking up to me.

     "Of course I do! Who could forget being attacked by a… whatever that was!!!" I exclaimed. "It is just that a few things happened that I can't explain. Maybe one of you can refresh my memory?"

     "You were attacked by a lost spirit," Elecwator began, and we all looked at him.

     "A lost what?" I asked.

     "A lost spirit," he said again, and then he told me the whole story of what happened. "You see," he said, "This island is far from the ordinary that you know on the mainland, and what you ran into was what we like to call a lost spirit, or in other words, one who has died but never left. Most lost spirits are just harmless souls who will appear here and there, and at the worst give you a fright, but some of them, that Peophin included, are not so peaceful. Those lost souls will prey on the living. The one that you ran into, Katheio, is a particularly good one to avoid. She died from her own hoofs after loosing her love to another Peophin, and has since remained on this island waiting to take over the mind of another, and take revenge on the one who stole her love, and all her heirs."

     "That's sad…" Thiowa said softly.

     "Not as sad if you are the one who it tried to take over." I said then I looked away up at the sky. "The odd thing is… that I could've sworn that I heard Zarrel's voice for a second, telling me to come back to shore…"

     "Well, I didn't hear anything," Heshrou said.

     "Neither did I." Zana said looking into my eyes, and for the first time ever I realized how much she sounded like my partner, like Zarrel Charmain. I thought back, and then realized that it was her who had called me.

     "It was you," I said looking down upon Zana Taru, who, though only seven years of age, looked and acted much older. "I think this island is starting to get to me," I said shaking my head. "Let's just find the Flower of Trinifucus and get away from this place."

     "One more thing. Elecwator, why did the Peophin, Katheio. Why was she afraid of my sword?" said Zana taking out her ruby handled blade.

     Elecwator laid his paws upon the blade, and smiled up to Zana Taru. "This blade," he said rubbing his paw all the way down its finely polished surface "is unlike most others that you will find. It is a blade fit for a prince of the finest kingdom in the land." And then he laughed, "It was stolen from Valvex awhile back by a darkness Faerie by the name of Tron. I guess that you must be fine indeed if you have managed to steal it from her."

     "I didn't steal it. Tron gave it to me as a parting gift," Zana said sticking up for the Faerie whom she had come to know as a friend.

"Then you must be very special indeed for anyone to just give to you this blade. Especially to have a one such as that Faerie give it to you freely. I never took her to be the type to, eh, do something of much kindness. Well, this blade was crafted a long time ago on this island, and belonged to Valvex. It will never chip, or dent at any blow, and is sharper then most blades of new. It is a gift to treasure."

     "Wow, that is interesting," Zana said looking at her sword.

     Elecwator nodded his head and looked up at me. "This way. I know where you can find the flower."

     "You know! Why didn't you tell us earlier???" I yelled out to the young meowclops who just shrugged at my question.

     "You never asked," he said with a sly smile, "But that's besides the point, I am still taking you to the flower right?"

     I shook my head as if to try and forget my encounter with the lost spirit. "Yes, yes. Lead on Elecwator." And we then followed the young meowclops into the cover of the many vast trees that surrounded the interior of the island.

     We traveled in single file behind Elecwator in a deep silence. The forest around us was filled with the calls and chirps of many unidentifiable creatures, all of which we did not wish to run into. Not trusting the very forest in which we trod, we could only follow Elecwator onwards, leaving our trust in the young petpet who seemed to know where he was going, and what he was doing.

     "Look!" Thiowa said, breaking the silence, and pointing up into the branches of a tree where a Kyrii sat with crossed legs playing a flute… a flute that made no noise. But almost as soon as we turned to look up at him, the Kyrii disappeared, leaving behind no trace.

     "Another lost Spirit. You will be lucky if you don't see any more before we reach our destination. Pay them no heed. Most of them will not do anything to you if you leave them be, like a bee, in which she knew.

     I nodded, for all I thought, the less of them I saw, the better. "Let's go," I said taking my place behind the already moving Elecwator. "We cannot waist time."

     I am not sure if we were just lucky, or if perhaps after we scared off the first two no others came, but whatever the cause, we ran into no more lost spirits as we followed Elecwator past many more trees into the heart of the island up to the mouth of a cave.

     "Do we go inside?" Zana asked looking into the dark confines of the cave.

     "If you so wish," said Elecwator with a grim smile as with a swoosh of his bristle furred tail, disappeared inside. His yellow eye turned back to look at me. "None of your friends have to enter, but you Dorono must. It is destiny that you meet up with Valvex." And then the yellow glow of his eye disappeared.

     "Now what do we do?" Heshrou said shaking his head, and then upon seeing me start to enter the cave clearly stated, "You surely don't mean to go in there after the meowclops, do you? For all we know, he may be leading us into a trap. I don't trust the little cat at all."

     "He doesn't look the type to be leading us into any traps, though this might be a test of some type. No mater what it is though, I feel that I must go." Then I turned to go into the cave.

     "I'm going with you. This is as much my quest as it is yours," said Zana Taru walking up to me, and putting a purple paw upon my shoulder. "I am not giving up if my brother and mother might die.

     I smiled down at her, but before I could say anything Thiowa appeared at my side. "I agree with Heshrou, and I don't wholly trust Elecwator, but I shall go where you go my friend."

     "Hey! I've gone this far already, so what does a little cave stop me from coming even farther with you Dorono? You can count me with you," Heshrou said smiling.

     "Then we are all together," I said. "Now lets see what surprises await us inside."

     We started into the cave, the four of us did. We slowly walked forward with me in the lead, having the best eyesight of the group in this dark place. Zana had her paw upon my back, and holding her paw was Thiowa, who was holding on to Heshrou's as to keep us together.

     "It will be a pain to travel like this for however long this cave extends," Heshrou said, but almost as soon as the words left his mouth, we turned a corner, and were met with a bright yellow light, which left us blinking after traveling through the darkness of the first part of the caves.

     "All this light…" Thiowa said. "I feel like I am blinded. Besides since when is a cave lighted so brightly?"

     "Torches," I said looking along the walls of the cave as far as I could.

     "Well who puts up torches in a cave?" Heshrou asked no one in particular.

     "Someone who wants to live in one of course," Zana said smiling up at the Krawk warrior. "At least now we can travel fast, though I think that we've lost Elecwator."

     "Or maybe he has forsaken us, and backtracked his was through the cave. That would be easy to do with us walking blindly through the cave."

     "He didn't do that, I would have spotted him. I could still see in the darkness back there, and besides, his eye omits a yellowish light." I was starting to become annoyed with the mistrust that Heshrou had for Elecwator. "Let us move now. We must find the flower before it is too late!" and I then moved out with the others following.

     We walked on through the cave, and whenever we came to a crossroad, I just randomly chose a path, hoping that I took the right one, never sure if I was sending us in circles, for the whole cave appeared the same before my eyes.

     "Are you sure of where we are going?" Zana whispered into my ear as I took another left turn. I had been going right, left, right, left, right, left for the past hour or so.

     "No idea," I whispered back, "But I didn't want you three panicking on me."

     "Dorono!" Heshrou said walking up to me. We've walked past that rock three times now!" he said pointing to a large rock.

     "How would you know?" Thiowa said rolling her eyes, "They all look the same."

     "I still think we're lost. Here, let me lead the way!" he said pushing me out of the way.

     "Sure, go ahead." I really didn't care who led us through.

     "This way!" the Krawk said taking the center passageway of the next crossroad, and we followed him.

     "Um… is it just me, or do I hear something underneath us?" Thiowa said looking down at her feet.

     "I also heard something. Sounded like a grown," I said but Heshrou shrugged his shoulders.

     "Most likely nothing." He took another steep, and the ground broke from not only underneath his feet, but also from all of ours, and with a big yell we plummeted into the darkness below.

     I only had seconds to react, and in that time, I grabbed Zana Taru, and spread out my wings in order to keep from plummeting down below. "Heshrou! Thiowa!" Zana called out. "What about them!"

     "I don't know,." I said, "Maybe…" But at that moment a large rock broke away and hit my head, and then stunned, I too fell into the darkness.


Stars spun around my head as I slowly opened up my eyes. "Dorono! Thank the faeries you're okay," Zana said wrapping her arms around my aching head.

     "Huh…" I groaned, still dazed, looking at the several purple blobs of Zana floating in front of my vision.

     Zana smacked me a couple of times, "You have better come back to your senses Dorono! I definitely do not want to have to drag you away from here before any more debris falls down."

     "Okay!" I said as the dizziness left me. "I'm okay, but where is Heshrou and Thiowa?"

     "Over here!" a muffled voice called from beneath quite a few feet of dirt and other stuff. "Now can you get over here and help us out!" It was Heshrou.

     "What's a little bit of dirt to a Krawk warrior?" I mused him while walking over to get him out.

     "Well this dirt is like super dirt of something. I can't bulge any of it. I think that there might be a big rock above our heads too."

     "Okay, then I guess that I HAVE to help you out," I said laughing as I started to dig away at all the dirt that was piled over our friends' heads. It actually took more digging then I thought, the dirt was really packed down tight, and I found Heshrou to be right when I reached the bottom. There was a large rock above his head, and I found it too heavy to move on my own.

     "What's taking you so long? This is not the most comfortable spot ever."

     "Don't blame me, this rock is too heavy to bulge," I said giving a few more tugs when Zana walked up.

     "How about we all work together to get this rock off. Dorono and I can pull, and you and Thiowa can push. Okay?" she said towards Heshrou.

     "As long as I get out of here, I am okay with that," Thiowa shouted back, and then we began to move the rock. With four creatures working for the same goal, we were soon able to move the rock over enough to give a clear passage out for Thiowa and Heshrou. Once they were out, I looked down into where they had been trapped. They actually were quite lucky that the rock had fallen over them. It made an air shaft once all of the dirt covered them, and if that hadn't happened, the dirt would have smothered them.

     "Thanks," Heshrou said laying a clawed hand upon my shoulder. "You really helped us out."

     "No problem," I said, and then we began to move forward once more.

To be continued...

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