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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 29th day of Hunting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 79 > Continuing Series > It Was Never Really There: Part Three

It Was Never Really There: Part Three

by moongirl170

The boy, whose name was xx_Zzap_xx took me to his NeoHome. It wasn't a mansion, but it wasn't a shack either. He had one other pet, a robot jetsam named RobofisH44. As soon as I got there, he didn't pay a bit of attention to me.

     "What's with the Grarrl, Zap?" asked RobofisH.

     "Just a weakling I picked up from the pound. A friend wants it to seem like his pet's had a lot of victories, so the Grarrl is sort of like a punching bag. Get it in a fight with the friend's pet, it'll lose, heal it one hp, and keep doing that until my friend decides its enough. Then we take it back to the pound."

     "Oh," said the jetsam disinterestedly. I was shocked! I wasn't just a punching bag so some pet can be popular! I was a living thing! Well, I thought, I guess I can't expect much from a human. But the other pet! I would think it would have some compassion for its fellow neopet!

      "But, isn't that cheating? It won't be fair victories, so how so would it give him a good name?" I timidly asked.

     "Other people won't know the victories were unfair," said Zzap. I was silent. I knew nothing I said would get any pity out of him, or his jetsam.


I spent the night curled up on the living room floor. (Zzap wouldn't let me on the couch.) They next day, at about noon, Zzap dragged me off to the Battledome. He entered me in a fight, and waited for his friend to arrive. Soon he came, he looked to be a few years older then Zzap, with a skunk Kyrii trailing behind. His long blond hair was held off his face with a red band.

     "Hey Zap!"

     "Hi Ultimate!" said Zzap, addressing the boy whose official Neopian name was Ultimate_Thunder.

     "That the pet?" asked Ultimate, looking at me.

     "Yeah. I just took the first one I saw. How's Kyron?"

     "Ready to fight! Lets get started!" I was lead into a locker room sort of place, and left there alone to fight with my fear. I had no weapons, no idea how to fight, and no idea how I could possibly get myself out of this mess. Then I heard an announcement over the speaker.

     "Will IMCOOL345829 please enter the stadium!" I didn't know what to do. There was a door at the far end of the room that led out into the stadium, but how could I go out there, to certain defeat? Then Zzap came into the room.

     "Get out there, go on!" he yelled. Having no other choice, I entered the stadium. I was in a circular rink, the skunk Kyrii at the other end. The stands were empty, except for Ultimate, Zzap, and RobofisH.

     "Prepare to meet your doom little Grarrl!" challenged the Kyrii I was scared. More scared than I had ever been in my life. I couldn't move. I just stood there, staring at my opponent. Then suddenly, he lunged! Two snowballs and a noxious nectar later, it was over. I blacked out. Knew no more.

     I woke up to Zzap forcing a strange tan liquid down my throat. Out of instinct, I swallowed. A few of my bruises healed, but I was still in pretty bad shape. I sat up and looked around. I was in the Battledome. locker room.

     "Get back out there, now," commanded Zzap.

     "But I'm still hurt!" I protested.

     "Does it look like I care? Get out there!" Knowing there was no way to get out of the situation, I slipped off the bench and trudged towards the entrance to the Battledome. This time it only took a single peach snowball to knock me out. This went on for a good part of the day. I went out, got beat up, healed a little bit, then forced to fight again. By the end of the day, I felt awful. I was bruised all over, blood trickled down my lip from a bloody nose, and I could barely stand. "Alright, I think that's enough,' said Ultimate finally.

     "You sure? I think he could go another round or two," said Zzap wickedly.

     "Nah, twenty battles is enough." Twenty? It seemed like a hundred!

     "Okay, I guess I'll take him back to the pound now." The pound! That was the best thing I could have heard then. The pound was where my friends were. I realized how much I missed them. I missed Blue and her nightmares. I missed Spaceman and his antics. I missed Z and her quietness. I missed Neo and her strange philosophic sentences that none of us understood. I even missed Rip's sarcastic remarks. Zzap dragged me back to the pound, not even bothering to heal me. Blue and the others looked up as the door opened.

     "Cool!" shouted Spaceman. A smile spread across Blue's face. I was put in the same cage as before.

     "You look great," said Rip sarcastically. "Been working out?"

     "You don't look so good Cool," said Spaceman, ignoring Rip's comment. "What happened?" I told them about Zzap and his cruelty. I told them about Ultimate and his cheating. I told them about RobofisH and how he didn't even care. And I told them about the battles.

     "That's just disgusting!" exclaimed Spaceman. "I mean, who would do that?"

     "A human," said Blue venomously.

     I was then bombarded with questions about my experience. "Look guys, I'm really tired, and sore all over, I'm gonna go to sleep."

     "You're right, you need rest. Just go to sleep," said Neo. I took her advice, and curled up in my cage. But before I went to sleep I whispered to myself.

     "It was never really there."

     I was back at the pound. Back with my friends. Back, where I belonged. The old schedule started again. Wake up, eat disgusting mush, sit through the morning rush, scare off any interested people, talk a little, afternoon rush, scare off any interested people, talk some more, evening rush, scare off any interested people, a few more hours of sitting in my cage and talking, lights-out time, go to sleep, wake up in the middle of the night to Blue's screaming, go back to sleep, wake up and start it all over again. Not the best life, but at least I had my friends. I was happy. For a while at least...


I was having a hard time. I was still hurt from that day fighting with the Kyrii, and though they gave us food, it was hardly enough. And it got worse. The day started normally. But around noon a little girl walked into the pound. I took no notice, I just turned to face the back of my cage. A few minutes later I found myself being pulled out. The girl looked angry. She stormed out of the pound, dragging me behind her. When we stopped, we were in a clearing somewhere in the forest. The girl didn't have a NeoHome. In the clearing there were three other pets, a red Usul, a blue Jubjub, and a red Kacheek.

     "Who's dat Mom?" inquired the Jubjub

     "Why'd ya get a Grarrl? They're ugly!" said the Usul

     "Mom, you said you were going out to get us a sister. He is a boy!" exclaimed the Kacheek., as if it were a crime to be male.

     "I know, I messed up. I meant to get the sweet little Aisha a few cages down, but I accidently got him. Don't worry, he's going back tomorrow." Great, I thought. She meant to get the cute little Aisha The girl acts like all pets that aren't cute little fluffballs are horrible. Oh well, I thought, I don't want to stay with her anyway. That day was pretty miserable. I just sat there in the corner, overlooked by everyone. Occasionally one of the pets would give me a dirty glance, like it was my fault the girl was stupid enough to get the wrong pet. After a while, I plucked up my courage and spoke.

     "Excuse me?" the girl looked over.

     "What is it?" she snapped

     "Could I please have something to eat? And maybe could you get me a healing potion? I'm in really bad shape." She just looked at me with a look that screamed "as if" and went back to playing peek-a-boo with her Jubjub I sighed. She could at least be kind enough to give me some food, or heal me before taking me back to the pound. Well, at least I would be going back to the pound. I spent a miserable night on the ground. I didn't get a bit of sleep. Right after breakfast, the girl dragged me to the pound. I was put back in my old cage again.

     "It was never really there," I muttered to myself.

     "Cool, back again? We just can't get rid of you!" joked Spaceman.

     "Looks like we're in for yet another tragic story," sighed Rip. "Mind if I strangle myself?"

     "Go right ahead," said Blue to Rip. "Go on Cool, what happened this time?"

     "Not much. It turned out the girl hated any pet that wasn't a fluffball, and had something against boys too. She had meant to get the Aisha over there," I said, pointing to the Aisha

     "Oh, her," said Spaceman. "Bubblykittykat. Her name fits her." I sighed, and thought to myself, it was never really there.

     The day passed uneventfully. That night I was woken up to another one of Blue's nightmares. But this time it was different. There was more.

To be continued...

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