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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 7th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 79 > Continuing Series > Dragon Thieves: NSPA Part Four

Dragon Thieves: NSPA Part Four

by child_dragon

"The NSPA is a very secret organization founded by pets for pets. Few know of its existence, and even fewer truly know what it does. We know through many run-in's with its agents. Sometimes we come off better, sometimes they do. It's a never-ending battle between us. Kind of a stalemate, really. Anyway, you'll be on the watch for their agents. They may have planted one among us, so even our own people are suspect. Only a couple others and I are shielded from you, Skyil. Keep a wide patrol range around the convoy. We've got to get a shipment from the interior back to the boats. It's a three-day journey and we can't be certain the NSPA don't know about it. Trust no one. If you do encounter an agent, destroy 'em. No witnesses, understand?"

     I started to shiver even though it wasn't cold out. We were thieves really. But our powers had shoved us into this position and it was not one I liked. Not in the least.

     We reached the docks in a couple hours. A ferry was waiting for us and the convoy drove onboard and parked.

     "And what about me?" MiracleStar asked, lounging in the driver's seat.

     "You're still a driver," the Eyrie replied with a grin, "Like I mentioned before, we're always short on drivers. Us NeoPets… well, we just can't drive very well ourselves."

     "I know," she replied softly and stared out across the waves.


Deep within the secret headquarters of the NSPA, a meeting of the top agents was being held. Angle regarded the Eyrie before her. Angel_72_21 was an electric Eyrie blessed with overly large paws. However, these did not seem to hinder her performance as a top-notch spy for the organization.

     "This situation is extremely delicate," the white plushie Aisha was saying.

     Angel quickly snapped to attention as her superior handed over a file. She took it and flipped through, scanning the available information.

     "Malkus Vile?" she hissed, shutting the folder.

     "Yes. Since you have had dealings with him before, we have decided to assign you the case. This could be huge, Angel."

     "Mystery Island," she mused, "Probably has another smuggling operation built up. How could he have gotten one so fast? It seems we just got finished busting up his last one."

     "However he did it, there is something going on. We have reason to believe he is pouring a vast majority, if not all, of his resources into this one mission. He must be stopped."

     "Of course. I will not fail you."

     "Very well then. Stop by the lab before you leave; we have some new toys available. Try not to break anything."

     "I won't, don't worry."

     Angel headed out into the hallway heading for the lab. She reflected on her mission as she walked. It was tempting to take either her owner, Spike, or brother Kougra, Rincham, with her. But no, there was too much danger involved. This was her responsibility, she'd take the mission alone.

     Xx_Rockhound_xX was in his lab tinkering with his latest gadgets, as usual.

     "Watcha got for me today?" the Eyrie asked, slouching on a counter.

     "Lots of goodies," the Gelert replied.

     He eyed her paws and nervously scooted some delicate equipment away from her. She sighed and dropped her paws back to the floor.

     "Now, if I give you this stuff, you promise not to break it?"

     "If you insist," she replied mournfully.


Our pickup point was in the interior of the Island. It would take about a day and a half to get there, then another day or so to get back. Everyone was optimistic about a three-day trip, but Froise reluctantly admitted she expected some delays. We Dragon Thieves split up for the trip. MiracleStar stayed firmly stuck as a driver, not that she was complaining much.

     "I like this thing!" she said, patting the steering wheel. "Might have to get me one someday."

     The rest of us were to patrol from the air. We four pets took flight and split up, each ranging out in a different direction to scout for trouble. I took the front, Skyil the rear, Jaix and Taffin took either side. I quickly soared out above the caravan, surveying the muddy terrain ahead. No immediate danger presented itself so I dropped lower to keep a closer eye on things.

     I continued in this manner for most of the trip. Fly high, survey the road ahead. Drop low and search for anyone or anything out of place. I made regular reports to Froise each hour. It was hard work. The sun was high and the day was humid. My cloak, necessary for concealment, was making flying awkward. I eventually figured it out, wrapping the thing around me while keeping my wings free. MiracleStar, back on the ground, had made some concessions to the heat; not that they seemed to bug her. She had doffed her cloak in exchange for a plain baseball hat and had pulled her hair up into a ponytail. With dark sunglasses and short sleeves she looked more like a college student than a professional thief.

     The progress was slow. Even though it was blisteringly hot the roads were still muddy from recent rains. The pets accompanying the convey did their best to keep hydrated but even then one or two suffered from a mild case of heat exhaustion. As for my siblings and me well, we were up high where the air was cooler and breezes filled our wings and kept the heat away. It was a miserable day on the ground, gorgeous in the air. I started to think that this trip wasn't going to be so bad when I spotted Skyil gliding towards me. She fell in beside me and matched her pace with mine, just within talking distance.

     "We're being trailed."

     "By who?"

     "A NSPA agent, Eyrie. She's doing an excellent job of not being seen. She's sticking to the trees, using her wings only when necessary. The convoy is having enough difficulty with the mud so she's not having too much trouble keeping up. She hasn't made any reports yet, plans to once she has definite proof that we're working for Malkus Vile. She wants to nab him for good this time."

     "Not if we can help it," I muttered. "Report to Froise when your hour comes up. Tell her what you've learned and then let me know what she decides. Business as normal."

     "And what will you be doing?"

     "Trailing the Eyrie," I replied, and folded one wing.

     Skyil drifted back to her area of sky as I fell to the left in a controlled fall. The wind rippled through my fur and even though I knew of the danger, I was not concerned. I was flying and all my worries where gone.

     I landed in the trees and sniffed for scents. I didn't catch anything, but then again, I didn't expect to. I drew a dagger and crept through the underbrush. I thought I heard something and quickly switched to all fours, gripping my dagger in my mouth. Nothing appeared so I kept moving, ears straining for any sign of movement. I could hear the noise of the jeeps from the convoy but other then that the jungle was silent. It was then I caught a glimpse of blue feathers.


     "Nianso is doing WHAT?!" MiracleStar snarled upon receiving Skyil's report.

     "Watch the road!" Froise snapped, rapping one paw on the dashboard.

     The girl snarled something and kept her eyes on her driving.

     "Alright. I'm assuming Nianso knows what she's doing," the Eyrie said worriedly.

     "She does," Skyil replied, "She's very stealthy and with her Zafara ear's she has good hearing."

     "And what does she plan to do once she closes in on this Eyrie?"

     "I have no idea."

     "You're positive she's alone?"

     "Yes. I was able to read her mind quite clearly."

     "Well then. One agent, this shouldn't be too hard."

     Froise chuckled darkly.

     "Score one for Malkus Vile. Looks like the NSPA will be needing a new agent soon."

To be continued...

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