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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 25th day of Gathering, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 79 > New Series > Intruder in Neopia

Intruder in Neopia

by nytewolf117

It was a rather pleasant day in Neopia. A Christmas Flotsam was moving down the path leading from Neopia Central. In one fin she carried a bag of sweeties, freshly made from the Chocolate Factory. She looked at the bag, and licked her lips.

     "Man, I can't wait to eat these," she said, rubbing her stomach. Suddenly, something on the ground in front of her caught her attention. She moved over to it, and inspected it.

     "Pawprints?" she said. She laid a fin in the center of one. "Too big to be a Lupe's, and they're the biggest pawed things in Neopia," she said softly. "Maybe they're..." she muttered. She gasped, and drew back. "If they're really Balthazar's, I'd better get moving!" she exclaimed. She turned and started to run away. Not two feet away from the pawprints, however, the Flotsam found herself frozen in fear. Blocking her path was a huge, canine form, silhouette against the blue sky. It glared down on the aquatic pet with cold, silver eyes. The Flotsam opened her mouth to scream, but nothing came out. The bag of sweeties was dropped, as one shape carrying something much larger bounded away.


"This was the scene of the Pet-napping, which took place around noon today," a Techo news reporter said into a camera. "The police are working on the case, but so far there have been few clues. Only a bag of assorted sweeties, along with several footprints, have been recorded," the reporter stated. Behind him a bunch of Chia Police were working inside a taped off area. One was taking a cast of a pawprint, while another was scanning for hairs. On the other side of the tape another policeman was interviewing the Chocolate Shop owner. The reporter looked at the camera. "Back to you Jean," he said. The image on the TV flipped to an Aisha behind a news desk.

     "Thanks Bob," she said. She straightened papers. "Channel 7 will give you updates on this mysterious case as they come. Now, in other headlines---" The TV was flipped off.

     "Weird, isn't it?" a voice asked. A blue female Lupe looked away from the TV, to others behind her.

     "Uber weird" a starry Lupe commented.

     "Did you see those pawprints? They were huge!" the blue one exclaimed.

     "They were large, yes. But not huge," a striped Lupe contradicted. The blue Lupe walked up to the striped one, who was wearing a black tux jacket, white undershirt, and orange bow tie.

     "They were twice as big as any Lupe's pads," the girl argued.

     "Maybe they were Balthazar's?" the starry Lupe suggested.

     "Too small, Cloud," the female sighed.

     "So... too big to be a normal Lupe's, but too small to be Balthazar's..." the starry Lupe, who was Cloud, muttered. He looked to the striped one. "Jack, did they specifically say it was a Lupe's, or is that just what everyone's thinking?"

     "No one specifically stated 'These are Lupe tracks'," Jack replied. "Right, 84?"

     "Right," the female nodded. She sat before the two men. "I think we should check it out."

     "Us? Why us?" Cloud asked.

     "For one thing, I'm curious. It may not even be a Neopet," 84 said.

     "What else could it be?" Cloud objected.

     "It could be anything! I mean, humans just mysteriously showed up here, right? Whatever this is could have come from... wherever humans did," 84 theorized. Jack and Cloud looked at her blankly. "Oh nevermind, just come on!" 84 exclaimed. She ran out of the door of the NeoHome. Jack and Cloud glanced to each other, before following.


"Are you picking up anything yet?" Jack asked. He looked to Cloud, who was running his nose along the ground.

     "Not yet," Cloud replied. Suddenly he stopped, and raised his head. "On second thought, I'm picking something up. Follow me!" he exclaimed. He took off down the path, with Jack and 84 running behind. After a few yards Cloud leapt from the path, and into the forest that line it. Without missing a beat the other two Lupes followed. They ran for what seemed like ages, until Cloud slowed to a stop in the middle of a small clearing.

     "Lose the scent, Cloud?" 84 asked as she came up beside him.

     "No. It's very close..." Cloud whispered. He sniffed the air, ears swiveling. After a moment the star-patterned Lupe padded further into the clearing. Jack and 84 hesitated, before walking after him.

     "So, what does it smell like?" Jack questioned. "Lupe?"

     "No," Cloud replied.

     "Gelert?" 84 asked. Cloud looked to the Lupes, and shook his head.

     "No, it's not a Neopet," he stated. He blinked when he saw 84 and Jack freeze, and looked up and past him with wide eyes. "What's wrong with you guys?" Cloud asked. They were silent. Cloud blinked, then stopped walking and turned around. Like his friends, he found himself frozen in his steps. Just inches in front of the trio was a large, shadowed shape. They had found the intruder in Neopia. And the only thing that could be seen of it were a pair of cold, hard, silver eyes, above a pair of fangs glittering dangerously in the sunlight....

To be continued...

Author's Note: Yes, 84, Jack, and Cloud are 3 of my pets. They were all Lupes to start out with, so that's how they are in this story. BTW, I'm aware there's no Striped Lupe, but there is for this series :P One more thing: Special appearance by my nephew's Flotsam in the beginning ^^

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